Alexandra and James

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How We Met

James and I, both graduated from the same high school, in 2008. We never really connected in high school. He was big into the band scene and I was big into sports and athletics. I went to college, he joined the military. In spring of 2012, I met his mother while student teaching at our old high school. She was my mother’s boss. They ran registers beside each other in the cafeteria. I talked with her every time I had lunches with my mom. James was deployed to Afghanistan at the time.. Beginning of April, his dad passed away suddenly. I went to the funeral in support of his mom, my mom and as an old classmate. A few days after the funeral, I sent him a heart felt message via FB out of respect. I didn’t expect him to reply, I knew he had gotten so many messages from people. However, he did. Something in the message really hit home with him. We started creating a friendship. Cinco de Mayo, he invited me out to a party with his friends. I, however, declined and also declined a following invite. Towards the end of May, I finally invited him to join my friends and I in our biggest celebration ever before college graduation! He ended up coming and we had an amazing time together! It was a rough time for James following the loss of his dad, but he said he seemed to find a happiness and a willingness to live and smile when he was with me. Our friendship grew over the months and at the end of summer, we had our first real kiss and became an official couple. I have never left his side since day 1, through his healing process, military deployments, etc. And on February 27, 2016, I said yes to remaining at his side forever and always.

how they asked

James and I are travelers. I lived in Europe for a year in college, and have been to 4/7 continents. He travels quite frequently with the military. Through out our relationship, we have taken many road trips in an effort to hit all 50 states together. However, the best trip we ever had, was a trip to Canada our first Valentines day together. We LOVED Canada. James has always wanted to go to Niagara Falls, so, I decided that this year, with a big deployment coming up, I’d surprise him with a weekend trip to Canada. I text his mom the dates and locations so she could help me keep it a secret. I told him we were going to a family reunion in New York. I booked the trip in Decemeber of 2015. When we finally got to the hotel in Ontario in February, we had a room right on the falls and it was one of the slowest weeks there for tourism. That was the idea. James was so excited about the surprise and we were able to get up close and personal with falls and take our time. While we were overlooking the falls our second day there, he began telling me how amazing the passed 4 years have been together and how special it is to have been to all the places we’ve been to together. Next thing I knew, he was getting down on one knee and people began to crowd and take photos. He pulled out the ring after asking me to marry him, and told me he had known the whole time about the trip. Two previous proposals had gone sour so his mom had told him about the trip. She knew I’d never see it coming and he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone backing out on him for reservations or materials. I was shocked and so excited to be embarking on this next trip in our journey together! And what a beautiful scene for proposal! Here I was, thinking I was surprising him, but he ended up surprising me! It was one of the best moments in my life that I will never forget!

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