Alexandra and James

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newport Rhode Island

How We Met

James and I have been dating 6 1/2 years(high school sweethearts) and have been talking about marriage and rings for a while.

How They Asked

About a month ago I found out he started searching for rings and I had a feeling he was going to pop the question soon. We had plans to go to Newport RI for New Year to meet up with some old college buddies and we decided to add a few days onto our trip.

Fast forward to NYE. James and I were talking in the sights and taking our time exploring. We stopped into an old arcade and were playing games for about 15 minutes before he told me he needed to run outside real quick.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Newport Rhode Island

About a minute later he comes rushing in and ushers me out of the arcade saying we were going to go for a walk by the water. He walked me to the edge of the peer and at that point, I knew what was going on! Being the jokester that he is he told me he had to tie his shoe so he kneeled down to the ground. He then pulls out the ring box and spills his guts to me and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES! His dad then pops out from behind a building and tells me he just drove 3 1/2 hours from New Jersey with the ring because it had just got done that day and he had passed the ring to James when we were in the arcade!