Alexandra and Jack

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How We Met

I met Jack when I was 17 years old, over 7 years ago. We met through my cousin, our mutual friend, and he instantly was my “crush.” After a few months, we went on our first date. We were both each other’s very first relationship which made each new thing so fun and so special! We dated all throughout college while 5 hours apart for a combined total of 6 years long distance. Finally, we both moved back to our hometown post graduation and are a mere ten minutes apart!

how they asked

Every season Jack and I create a bucket list of things we would like to accomplish/do/see. We’ve found that this helps us plan out intentional times together and makes the most of each season! For our summer bucket list, two things we had written down were to take a day trip to Asheville and to visit Charleston, both places we had never been! Jack is known for being a romantic and is always planning the most fun and spontaneous surprises. On Tuesday, he came to me and told me that we were going to take a day trip to Asheville Wednesday and to not worry about a thing because he had everything planned out. He even went as far as to tell me not to worry about what to wear either, and surprised me with a new dress from Anthropologie, my favorite store, which he picked out completely himself!

The sweetest! He picked me up early Wednesday morning to have the full day, and it wasn’t until passing “welcome to South Carolina” signs that I realized we were not heading towards Asheville! I was so excited and surprised! He had the entire day planned out perfectly with so many fun adventures! We are both huge foodies so he had found the best stops for meals, coffee, and desert along the way. He took me to Magnolia Plantation (swoon!), and rented bicycles for us to ride around Charleston! After an amazing dinner he suggested walking around White Point Gardens before going to get desert!

I was so excited to see what desert place he had picked that I was completely oblivious to his plans as we walked around the gardens. Once we got to the most beautiful spot in front of the large gazebo, he stopped, got down on one knee, and made the most beautiful promises before asking me to be his forever! It was the most perfect day and I am forever thankful!

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