Alexandra and Harry

How We Met

We met through mutual friends back in 2013. Over the next couple of years, we saw each other at countless parties, concerts and nights out with our friends. We both felt something towards one another but didn’t quite have the courage to act on it. It wasn’t until May 2015, when we were both graduated from college, that we finally took the leap of going on our first date, a quick drink in Huntington Village. The date was short but sweet, and we left that night saying we would get together again soon. We spent the summer getting to know one another by going on dates to see sunsets all over Long Island, and by the end of the summer, we decided to make it official.

How They Asked

After four years of dating, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. But, Harry knew that finding a way to surprise me as part of the proposal would be nearly impossible without the help of my family. So after asking my parents permission, they decided to plan the proposal during a weekend that we had already planned to visit my brother so I wouldn’t be suspicious. On October 19, we arrived at Newport, Rhode Island to visit my brother and his girlfriend for a seafood festival. When we arrived, my brother and his girlfriend told us about this incredible sunset they had watched the night before, so Harry and I planned to go see the sunset later that night before we all headed to dinner. In the meantime, I went to get my nails done with my brother’s girlfriend, while he secretly met up with both of our families who were in on the surprise and staked out the spot where he planned to propose.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newport, Rhode Island

On the way to the sunset later that night, we reminisced over the sunsets we used to see on Long Island that very first summer we spent together, and I shared how special it was for us to still have these moments four years later. Looking back, I can’t believe how calm Harry was in those moments. It was the most idyllic conversation to lead to his proposal. As we arrived at Fort Adams, the sunset was at its peak and Harry rushed me out of the car. Just as I was telling him to slow down (I couldn’t walk that fast in my booties!) he turned to me and said “Alli, you are the love of my life and the only person I want to spend my life with.

Where to Propose in Newport, Rhode Island

I would love nothing more than being your husband.” He then dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. It was all an absolute blur but the most incredible moment of our lives. Soon after I said “yes” our families came driving into the nearby parking lot, beeping their car horns and running out to hug us. It was so incredible having our families join in on this special moment and certainly a day we will never forget.

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