Alexandra and Giovanni

How We Met

Giovanni and I always knew each other through family friends but only became acquainted in high school. Each year Giovanni and his brother, Vinny, had the task of putting up my beloved Christmas lights. It was only these small encounters that we ever saw each other. We only started seeing more of each other passing through the halls of the school and having quick conversations. Since I was older, I was able to drive before Giovanni and our acquaintance then turned into me offering Giovanni rides home each day.

We quickly began non-stop texting and hanging out after school and on the weekends. I remember telling my best friend Shannon that Giovanni is going to be the one I marry. After around two months of hanging out, Giovanni had a family vacation to Florida planned and he knew he didn’t want to go away without making things official. Right before I left his house, in true G fashion, he quietly whispered asking me to be his girlfriend.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Giovanni’s recently purchased home

Flash forward almost 5 years and here we are planning a wedding! Giovanni and I are so lucky that we already got to experience so many milestones and grow as individuals and a couple together. We have been by each other’s side through high school graduations, college acceptances, a long-distance relationship while I was at Penn State, college graduations, milestone birthdays, getting accepted into law school, law school finals and many many more. We cannot wait for what else is in store for us and what the future will bring!

Where to Propose in Giovanni’s recently purchased home

How They Asked

Giovanni had recently bought his first house so I was obviously so excited and proud of him. He devised a plan for me to bring my best friend Shannon over to see his house. He had her tell me that she had an expiring Groupon for blowouts that day so my hair was done and I was ready for the occasion. Once Shannon and I arrived at the house, Giovanni opened the door and switched the light switch that illuminated a sign saying “Will You Marry Me?”!

Before I knew it, Giovanni was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring! Giovanni had made the sign himself out of rope lights and hung it on the wall after wiring it to the light switch. He is the most talented man I know and it was the most special proposal! I will have the sign forever to remember the day I said YES! But that wasn’t the only surprise! Our entire family was waiting back at my parents’ house for an engagement celebration! It was the most special and memorable day!

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