Alexandra and Gene

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How We Met

Gene & I met in graduate school. We gravitated towards each other because of how similarly low-key each of us are. He lit up the room with his silly personality and calm demeanor, his presence alone would ease my grad school anxiety. We became best friends instantly and were nearly attached at the hip. Gene and I were both still in relationships, neither of which was going well, and we both shortly after became single. Gene was always a gentleman and has a very romantic side, so when he realized that he wanted to be more than best friends, he started to do little things to send me hints, like send me flowers and edible arrangements and other gifts to cheer up bad days of school/work, or just to make me smile.Image 1 of Alexandra and Gene

I got the hint after my family pointed out that he was “courting” me, as they put it. I didn’t want to ruin our perfect friendship so I didn’t give in right away, even though I knew I had the same feelings for him. A few months later, I knew he was the one I wanted to be with so I told him how I felt, and the rest was history, we have been together for 4 years, have 3 dogs, and bought a house together last year. He was my classmate, is my best friend, my coworker, and now my future husband!

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How They Asked

I love the holidays, I decorate for Christmas on the first day of November usually, and try to go to as many holiday events as possible. I had bought tickets to Brett Eldredge’s holiday music concert in NYC, something I look forward to every year, and mentioned to Gene that we should go to dinner and drinks beforehand at one of the holiday pop-ups in the city. I sent Gene a list of the pop-ups and he said he’d make the reservations. On our way into the city, Gene said we had drink reservations at 4 pm and dinner at 5 pm, both at a pop-up, before our concert at 8 pm.

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We arrived at what I thought was the rooftop bar just on time, I was confused when the elevator doors opened and it was empty. It wasn’t until we walked onto the rooftop and I saw the “Marry Me” sign that I realized what was happening. I was in complete shock. There was a guitar player singing our favorite love songs in the corner, a heart made of roses and candles, Garland, Christmas lights, and a Christmas tree in the corner, all overlooking NYC when the sun was going down. A photographer was there to capture it all. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and a more perfect man.

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Special Thanks

Ash Fox
 | Photographer
Ash fox
 | Planning