Alexandra and Garrett


How We Met

A little bit about my fiancé Garrett and I…our story is a little cray. I will try my VERY best to explain this in the most NON-confusing way possible. Garrett and I met through MY sister (Lauren Apel), HIS brother (Nick Radford), and HIS good friend (Logan Cole). Both of our siblings and his friend are traveling wedding photographers and have connected through the “small-ish” photography world. In the beginning of my sisters photog career, she took a class that Nick and Logan taught online..through that, they all connected and ended up going on a photography trip to Cambodia a couple of summers ago where they all became good friends. Lauren and Nick started talking about their family and ended up talking about Garrett and I and realized how similar we were and so…they set us up! Our first conversation was through an instagram direct message and from there we started facetiming. A couple months after our first conversations, he flew out to Texas to see me (November 2014). Seriously, from the moment I met Garrett at DFW airport, I just knew. He was it. He IS it. I love him so much. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him. Our iPhones have been our way of communicating throughout the bulk of our relationship. Long distance has sucked, but thankfully, we get to see each other pretty often because of our jobs! I am teaching 2nd grade at an elementary school in Texas (my heart) and Garrett is currently interning at a copyrighting agency called 72andSunny in LA and he also works as a wedding photographer for Branch & Cole in LA. We are SO excited to finally live in the same state and to be together for the rest of our lives!




how they asked

On Friday, May 13th, I woke up to Garrett in a button up and all ready to go. He said “Hey, we are going to go do some fun things today and explore around in the mountains. You ready to get ready for the day?” and I said “YES!”. Exploring around is one of Garrett and I’s favorite things to do. We LIVE for exploring. I was so excited but felt as if something was up because he looked all nice in his button-up and was already ready before me. I got ready for the day and came out to the kitchen where he had a cooler with a picnic inside. From the house, we drove up to Crestline, CA, where we had a picnic by Lake Gregory. It was so romantic, he had blankets, food, music, and we simply just laid down next to the water, relaxed, and talked about life. After the picnic, he drove us to a spot on the lake where a rowboat was waiting for us. He helped me get in and rowed us out to the middle of the lake.

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While sitting in the boat, Garrett read writings he had written about me throughout our dating experience. The final writing was one he had written that morning. Throughout him reading to me, I was just bawling! It made my heart feel so many things. I have never been so happy. At the end of the last writing, he asked me to marry him and I was just speechless! He kept saying, “so is that a yes!?” and to that I replied “YES!” We rowed back to the dock and then drove home to his parents house where his family, my family, and some friends were all there waiting for us as a surprise. It was THE most amazing day! I am so ready to finally be married to the love of my life!




Special Thanks

Nick Radford