Alexandra and Cory

How We Met

Bride: We met at a house party back in 2010. For myself, the bride I knew right away this was going to be something, not just a fling. I was attracted to him and he wasn’t sure yet. He was 18 and I was 17 at the time we met. I kept in contact of course because I was swoon by his good looks and quiet demeanor. Both our birthdays are back to back in April just a year apart. We ended up celebrating our birthdays together at his dads home a couple weeks after we met and the rest is history. We went to our first event together down in San Diego with friends and he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was May 7, 2010.

How They Asked

Groom: It was Easter last year. We were home with our two cats and getting ready to see family. Something in me felt like this was the right time to ask her. I had the ring for awhile and she knew. I can’t get anything past her. She gets nervous around family and I wanted to comfort her in a way that she would never forget. I was nervous but managed to ask and of course she said yes after the initial shock.

Bride: He totally caught me off guard. But he did listen to me when I asked to make sure my nails are done when he proposes, but he made sure my hair was done, makeup was extra and a good outfit! It was a nice surprise for family.

Special Thanks

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