Alexandra and Connor

Image 1 of Alexandra and Connor

How We Met

We met at a social event at UConn towards the end of the spring semester. I was just leaving the bonfire, and Connor was just walking towards the bonfire to invite people to play kan jam. We met halfway and played with a few friends. My lack of athletic ability was heavily outweighed by Connor’s superior ability, and we won. We’ve never lost a game of kan jam since. We ended up reconnecting the next semester, and I invited him to my sorority’s semi-formal. The rest is history!

How They Asked

We pulled up to Harbor Park beside the Connecticut River. Connor suggested we eat our bagels overlooking the water. After a few minutes, Connor went back to the car and brought back what he called, “a little present.” He said, “This is a book of our first moments.” He had gone back to all of the places where we first said, “I love you,” our first kiss, the place we first met, the place we celebrated our first anniversary together. He had taken pictures of them all and made a scrapbook. Before he flipped to the last page he said, “While these were all of our first moments as a couple, I knew deep down that they were our last “first” moments. So this ring was really there all along.” He flipped to the last page and he had taken the ring to all of those places. He pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”

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