Alexandra and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I met on a boat on a hot summer day. We were camping and met through mutual friends! Both Chris and Mike (his friend) were in the army, Mike’s girlfriend needed a wing women so who better to call than me!? We spent the day on the lake and Chris and I instantly hit it off. Talking only to each other! But how we met isn’t nearly as exciting as how we spent our dating life! After dating for 11 months Chris and I decided to uproot our lives and move to American Samoa! There we spent our time going to the beach, learning a new culture and of course traveling!

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We visited some incredible place but Western Samoa and Fiji were my two favorites! Nine months into our American Samoa adventure we got the opportunity to move to Kauai, Hawaii! Within a month we loaded all of our belongings into a container and shipped it to Kauai. We spent our second year of dating, traveling to the Hawaiian Islands and crossing my number bucket list place off…. a trip to Australia! Ps kangaroos feel like cute little rabbits! I guess you can say our love for water and adventure all started on a boat in a Texas lake. Now we just upped the bar to boats in the South Pacific ?

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how they asked

It had been a year since I had seen my family, so Chris and I planned to fly out to Austin for my moms 50th Birthday. We were on plane number three, hour eleven of our long journey. When Out of the blue Chris says “I have something for you”, he then handed me a white envelope. Now in my family, we have a running joke for white envelopes. Growing up my dad would also give my mom a white envelope after we all opened our Christmas gifts. Inside was usually a paper saying they were going on a trip or she was going somewhere to visit friends.

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Well, when Chris handed me a white envelope I thought to myself “ooh I wonder where we are going?” Well, I was wrong, inside was something far more precious than a trip. Inside Chris wrote a beautiful letter about how much he loves me, how he couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else and at the end, he wrote: “We’ve started all of our adventures on planes, why shouldn’t we start our biggest adventure on one too?” At the very end, it said: “I have a very important question…” Chris then got down on one knee (thank goodness for exit row leg space) and asked me to marry him! I started to cry and said yes! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Chris and cannot wait to see where our next adventure takes us!

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