Alexandra and Casey

How We Met

Casey and I met at our school! We are both teachers! Casey is a 4th grade math and science teacher and I am the music teacher! We met each other after school let out on a Friday afternoon while a bunch of the teachers met for drinks! It truly was love at first sight. Casey asked me if he could show me a few bars around town the next day since I had just moved. As I was leaving, I asked him how we would like to communicate about the next day, hoping he’d give me his number. He said “just email me!” I said “you want me to email you about bars on our school emails?” Everyone around us laughed and told Casey to give me his number!! It was cute!! When I left, I called my mom and told her I just met my future husband! The rest is history!

how they asked

I run the last day of school talent show assembly as the music teacher. When the talent show was over, our principal thanked me for running the show and told me to stay on stage. At that point, my select chorus kids surrounded me on stage holding the same daisies casey had given me on one of our first dates. Casey came up onto the stage and in front of the whole school, 750 students, teachers and my family he asked me to marry him! I didn’t even let him finish before I said “yes, yes, yes,” jumped into his arms and kissed him in front of everyone! The crowd went wild!! It was a perfect fairy tale!

Image 1 of Alexandra and Casey