Alexandra and Brian

How We Met

Never did I think I would find my perfect human on a dating app, but somehow Bumble worked! We found each other in a funny way…

Brian was enjoying a night out with his parents in San Francisco after the Holidays and they were interested in his dating life. Brian explained the dating apps he was using and gave a brief explanation on how they work. Pretty easy, look through photos, read the small number of things the person wrote, swipe left if you’re not interested and swipe right if you are. Brian then let his Dad, Greg, have a go at Bumble, Greg went through and swiped left or right, one of the rights happened to be a blonde, me. A day later I swiped right to a handsome fella named Brian. On December 29, 2016, I messaged Brian; “Hello ;) how’s your week? Any fun plans?”. It took Brian 20 days to get my phone number and switch to real texting.

After many attempts at asking me out, Brian finally got lucky on Sunday, January 29, 2017, exactly one month later. We Were supposed to meet at Buffalo Theory, but it didn’t open until 4:00 pm, so the 3:00 pm beer date got moved to Cabin across the street. Even though I lived up the street from Cabin, and Brian all the way across town, he beat me there. The first thing Brian saw as I walked into the bar was a huge smile, all teeth, grinning from ear to ear. The first thing I saw when I walked into the bar was an adorable pup behind Brian. My first words, “OMG did you see the cute puppy behind you?”. Three and a half hours later and a couple beers gone the first date was ending. I was pleasantly surprised but hesitant, and Brian was intrigued.

After that first date, he asked me out regularly and we moved pretty quickly. The cherry on top, my cousin, Meghan, who lives in Redwood City, met a great couple at a park with two adorable daughters, one who was recently born. I would regularly visit Meghan, her husband and daughter to catch up. Meghan told me about this couple and how her daughter and their daughter got along great. Meghan then talked about their in laws and how they had just went back to Chicago after the baby was born, and they had been staying in Healdsburg. Something clicked, and I remembered Brian saying his twin brother was having a baby and his parents were staying in Healdsburg, and he’s from Chicago. I asked what their names were, Meghan said Matt and Lauren, I said oh my gosh, and the girls are Payton and Blakely? She said yes! Somehow the fact that my cousin randomly met Brian’s brother and sister in law pushed me to know that he was it. It was like the universe was somehow telling us to be together.

It was March 19, 2017, at Marlowe where we made it official. We took our first trip to Carmel in May of 2017 and joined our first wine clubs together. We also found an adorable jewelry store, Kocek Jeweler, and I tried on rings for the first time and found my favorite setting. I moved in August 2017 and it’s been the best adventure!

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how they asked

We were going to the Tiburon Wine Festival with a group of friends, the group kept getting larger and one friend suggested chartering a boat instead of taking the ferry, I thought nothing of this and said sounds great! The night before, we had dinner with really good friends and I kept complaining about the weather, I think I even said I didn’t want to go on the boat.

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Then the next day came, it was foggy out and I had a dress on, which a friend convince me to wear, 2 minutes before leaving I decided to change into pants, thank goodness because it was chilly. We headed to the boat and met the rest of the group. We had brought champagne with us for mimosas and some nice champagne for a toast. We had breakfast, enjoyed music, had mimosas and hung out. Never did I question that at least 3 people had nice real cameras and were constantly taking photos. Brian was never acting weird or if he was I had no idea. It was pretty rocky out so the crew said we should go behind Angel Island instead of under the Golden Gate.

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We got behind Angel Island and the wind calmed down and the boat wasn’t rocking as much. Brian announced we were doing our toast, get the good champagne. Everyone went to the back of the boat and we started filling up our glasses, you would think I would have noticed everyone had their phone out and was snapping photos, but I was oblivious, just thought we were going to do the cheers for a photo, then cheers for real. All the sudden Brian started giving the toast, which was out of the ordinary, I almost told him to wrap up and cheers already but then he said: “It’s so great we have friends that will get together and do things like this, but I didn’t rent this for you guys (he turns to look at me) I did this for you”. I was so confused, I started looking at everyone’s face and putting the pieces together. He then took my hand, gave my glass to a friend, and walked me to the front of the boat. I can barely remember what he said, I do know he mentioned how he thought he wouldn’t find someone or want to go down this path again, but then I came along.

It was all such a shock, I had no idea at all and didn’t think this day would be coming until the end of this year. We got to celebrate the rest of the way to Tiburon and I got to hear all the stories about how they had been planning this surprise proposal. We enjoyed the Tiburon Wine Festival, and then everyone was hungry and needed to eat. Our friend made a fake phone call to some restaurants in Sausalito and we were on our way to Scoma’s. I walked in and was directed to the back of the restaurant, I turned the corner and there was my family, Dad, Step Mom, youngest little sister, older sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, Step Dad and his wife, I could not believe it. Obviously, I broke down for the second time that day and felt so lucky to have found a person that would go through so much effort to make me happy. I look back on this day and it makes me grin from ear to ear. I could not have asked for a better day and I cannot believe he pulled it off.

To top it off the ring was made at Kocek Jeweler, and he remembered my favorite setting and custom designed it to his liking. He even went to my Pinterest page and picked out his favorites. Overall he is the most amazing man and I am so thankful to have found him.

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During the toast when I realize he’s proposing. He said: “It’s so great we have friends that will get together and do things like this, but I didn’t rent this for you guys (he turns to look at me) I did this for you.”

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Alexandra and Brian's Engagement in San Francisco, CA

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