Alexandra and Brayden

How We Met

Brayden and I first met while we were both attending university in Boston – Brayden at Harvard University and myself at Simmons University. Upon graduation, Brayden stayed in Boston to pursue a finance career while I finished my undergraduate degree and began my masters. In 2017 Brayden was recruited to play professional hockey in Europe and Asia. After much deliberation, we moved to Shanghai, China where Brayden played professional hockey and I continued to pursue my MBA and career. This only grew our love stronger, as we experienced life together traveling to over 30 cities and dozens of countries.

How They Asked

Brayden rented a private boat to explore the Exuma Islands while we were on vacation in the Bahamas. Throughout the day, we anchored and docked at private beaches and sandbars that were miles long. As noon was approaching and the tide became low, Brayden drove and anchored our boat to the famously large Man-O-War Sandbar in the middle of the ocean. Brayden had been taking drone videos throughout the day so this was no exception. He set the drone on an auto-circulate mode while I was taking in the sights. As I turned around, he dropped down on one knee to ask the big question. The drone circled around Brayden and I, alone on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, capturing one of our most memorable moments together and the big YES!

Special Thanks

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