Alexandra and Bobby

IMG_3211How we met: Bobby and I met by chance. Pure luck even. It is actually an incredible story.

I was on a bus on my way to Albany, NY from Port Authority during April 2013. I was one of the first people on the bus so I sat in the front and a man named Andrew happened to sit next to me. Greyhound buses can be extremely sketchy so I just put my headphones on in hopes to just get from point A to point B without distractions. Andrew asked me a question and we got to talking. He told me he was on his way to visit his fiancee Hillary and I told him I was visiting my boyfriend at the time. We talked for 3 hours about everything. During our conversation he told me I would be the perfect fit for his roommate, Bobby. I was intrigued by the comment so I asked him to show me a picture of Bobby. As soon as I saw him I was blown away. What a beautiful man. Andrew and Bobby grew up down the block from one another and lived in New York City together where they both worked. After the bus ride, Andrew and I exchanged numbers and said we would meet up again soon.

I didn’t see Andrew until September 2013 when I texted him to meet up. Andrew and I grabbed burgers in New York City after work on Wednesday, September 25. We spoke about his wedding plans with Hillary over fries and milkshakes. During our conversation I happened to ask him how Bobby was doing. He told me Bobby was visiting New York City for a networking event and they were meeting up for drinks with Hillary after our dinner. He invited me to go but I told him I didn’t want to intrude. He was persuasive, as Andrew always is, and so I agreed to go. As soon as Andrew introduced me to Bobby, I fell in love. We spoke the entire night until I had to catch my train. We talked about literature, music, our families, goals, and everything else in between. I was slowly but surely falling in love with him with each passing second.

At the end of the night he asked me for my number and texted me 5 minutes after I left him. “You’re amazing.”


On our first date I mentioned how I’ve never been to the Empire State Building. The next day, he said he bought us two tickets to visit…

how they asked: A day I will never forget.

It was Saturday, November 8, 2014. A beautiful autumn day in New York City. The place we fell in love. It was Bobby’s birthday and I made plans to go on an Italian Food Tour in Little Italy with him. I had work in the morning so I told him we would meet after I got out. He texted me asking me to meet him at the High Line before the tour. I called him when I was a couple of blocks away from the High Line to meet me half way. He kept saying “no, just come here,” which is very unlike him. Finally I made my way to the High Line and the first thing he said to me was, “You look beautiful.” He was holding a bag and I asked him what was in it. His response was, “Your anniversary gift.” He told me he would give it to me once we found a nice bench to sit on. While we were walking, he was squeezing my hand so hard I could barely feel it. He was obviously nervous, but I didn’t know at the time.

Once we found a place to sit, he pulled out a book. A legit, laminated book, filled with 42 pages. The pages consisted of our love story. Every picture in the book was taken throughout our relationship and each line was a poem he wrote about what was happening throughout our year long romance. From meeting each other’s families, to celebrating every holiday, to adopting our first dog together, the book was pure magic. I cried and laughed while reading every page.

Once I got to the second to last page he wrote about how we were looking for a house and how I was unsure of where we would be living next since we just moved out of our apartment. But once I flipped to the next page, it was a picture of the house he bought for us. A complete surprise to me. I had NO idea. He wrote how the house was waiting for us to put our stamp on it and ready to move in mid-December. But, he had one more question. He wrote how much he loved me and cared for me and wanted to spend his life with me. While I am reading the last lines of this book, Bobby got down on one knee and asked me to say yes to forever.


To be honest, I blacked out during his mini monologue because I was so overwhelmed with excitement. I said “Of course,” and gave him the biggest hug. People were standing around us clapping and congratulating us. A true New York City moment.