Alexandra and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I both grew up in deep south Texas near South Padre Island. Austin transferred to my high school when we were juniors, and he remembers seeing me for the first time in an AP test review, but I don’t remember this at all. We followed each other on Instagram and were friends on Facebook, but that was about it. We were both dating other people at this time and had other things like college on our minds. Once, we ran into each other at the mall after our freshman semester in college and all I remember is thinking “wow, I just had such an easy and great conversation with this guy that I don’t even know at all. How cool.” But again, that was about it.

Fast forward two years to Christmas break during our junior year of college. One of my great friends, Ana, who happened to be Austin’s sister’s best friend, said to me while hanging out, “Alex, I HAVE A BOY FOR YOU. He loves Jesus, he loves his family, AND he thinks you’re gorgeous.” I reassured her that I wasn’t looking for a boy right now and that there was no way this guy actually thinks I’m gorgeous. She also shared with me that Austin’s sister told her that whenever he came across one of my social media posts he would apparently tell her “Gosh, I would drop everything if I ever had a chance to date Alexandra Margoles.” Still to this day, I cannot believe that this guy turned out to be my Austin James. After Ana and I had this conversation, she apparently told Austin’s sister about it and I honestly thought that nothing would ever come out of that. Less than a month later, at the start of our 2nd semester Junior year, I received a Facebook message from Austin saying “Hi!” A simple hi that turned into butterflies while talking to each other, a first date lunch that turned into an all-day date because we had so much to talk about, many trips between College Station, TX and Waco, TX because long distance, and so many more amazing memories and adventures followed, including getting a dog together.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Waco, TX Suspension Bridge

how they asked

Austin graduated from Texas A&M University, which if you don’t know, has one of the largest college football stadiums around. He took me to a game there last year and since then, we have always talked about going to a Baylor Football game together. I’m currently living in Dallas finishing up nursing school, so this would mean driving an hour and a half down to Waco for game day. Austin, 2 of my best friends, and I all decided about a month in advance to get tickets to go down to Waco for the University of Texas vs Baylor game. I even told my mom that we were going to this game so that she could join us too since she had season football tickets. So, with a packed car of 5 people and our dog Ollie in the car, we all made our way down for the 11 am game. (Yuck, I know).

Austin’s sister, Darlissa, LOVES Ollie and was so sweet to volunteer to meet us in Waco and take care of him while we were at the game. The plan for the day was to go to the game, go to Magnolia Market, go tortilla tossing, and then eat dinner with Darlissa before we all go our separate ways. I had such a great time seeing some old friends on campus, watching the game, and just being back in Waco with Austin where our relationship started. Now that I don’t live in Waco, every time I pass through there, I get overwhelmed with all the amazing memories that Austin and I made there. After the game, we met up with Darlissa and Austin’s mom, who decided to come along last minute because she had always wanted to go to Magnolia Market.

We spent the next few hours at the Magnolia Market silos, looking around the store inside, visiting the food trucks, and just relaxing in the outdoor area at the Silos. The weather that day, was PERFECT. Sunny and in the 60s. Feeling refreshed and realizing the sun will be going down soon, we decided it was time to go tortilla tossing. For those of you who didn’t go to Baylor, it is a tradition to go buy tortillas and then toss them off of the Waco Suspension Bridge in hopes of it landing on a concrete post in the water. When I was living in Waco, I told Austin about this tradition and he thought it was the craziest idea. So, we went together, did it as a date, and had a blast. My roommate, Lauren, who came with us to the game had never been tortilla tossing and she is about to be a Baylor alumni. So, we decided we had to do it while we were in Waco for the game. After leaving Magnolia, Austin told me that my mom, my friends, and I should go get the tortillas and then meet them at the bridge to toss them. I happily agreed and didn’t think anything of this, because I wanted him to be with his family and enjoy their company.

While my friend was parking the car for us at the bridge, I texted Austin just to make sure they were there, and he replied yes. As we started walking towards the bridge, I noticed that my friends were slowing down. When I got to the start of the bridge, I saw Austin in the distance, standing by himself in the middle of the Waco Suspension Bridge. Then, Lauren handed me a letter saying that it was from Austin. I opened it slowly and excitedly, and the words husband caught my eye on the page, so I immediate skipped to the bottom where he wrote, “I cannot wait to be your husband.” Absolutely shocked, I thought, okay, I better go back to the top and read though it all. After reading the most heartfelt words and promises of our future life together, I started my walk down the suspension bridge to meet Austin. I was shaking, had butterflies, and was just so incredibly surprised and excited. I just could not believe that this was actually happening.

When I reached Austin, we hugged, talked a little and again, he spoke words of promise, hope, and love. He then got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me, Alexandra, and continue to make me the happiest man?”

Alexandra and Austin's Engagement in Waco, TX Suspension Bridge

Proposal Ideas Waco, TX Suspension Bridge

Afterwards, all of our friends and family popped out from the sides of the suspension bridge. Some of my childhood friends from Dallas, Austin’s friends from College Station, and even my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Nashville, TN. I still cannot believe to this day that he had planned ALL of this, without me knowing, and in a way that I have always hoped for, even though I had never expressed it to him. He even planned it so perfectly that we got to have pictures taken at sunset at one of the most special spots in Waco, TX. We then taught all of our family and friends how to tortilla toss, followed by a very special and memorable dinner. Looking back on October 28, 2017, I am in awe of the all of the thought and effort that Austin put into that very special day, but I am in even more awe, that I get to spend forever, with my best friend of a man that not only sees the best in me, but is also incredibly hardworking, Christ centered, and one heck of a dancer.

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