Alexandra and Arran

Alexandra's Proposal in A Basin Colorado

How We Met

We met in Austin while I was a student and he and a group of friends bought an RV to travel from Austin to California. He was visiting from England and had a three month visa. Halfway through the trip he broke a collarbone and I asked him to spend New Years with me. That was in December 2015. Since then we’ve done long distance, traveled to France , Germany, Austria, the Virgin Islands and done over 15 trips each to see each other.

how they asked

We were enjoying my day off on the mountain when he was getting his phone to take a picture of my riding. I thought he was stretching with his ski on but he was actually trying to tuck the ski under to get on one knee. He ended up presenting a 5th generation ring in a box he made using his granddads tools and materials.

Proposal Ideas A Basin Colorado