Alexandra and Alec

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How We Met

Alec and I met through a mutual friend at a going away celebration 5 years ago. But, the timing wasn’t right, so that was the last we saw of each other for two years. At this same friends surprise 25th birthday party we connected again. Just like that, we were bound at the hip every spare weekend.

Our first date was a extremely cold winter night, the first Saturday of 2015. I had just gotten an 8 week old cock-a-poo puppy on my own, but luckily both Alec and Charlie instantly formed a irreplaceable bond. For the first two years together, we had 2.5 hours between us. Alec being more mobile with a car would constantly drive back and forth from his place to NYC to spend time with Charlie and I!

how they asked

During our first year dating, Alec and I took a trip to southern Maine during the fall season. We instantly fell in love with the quaintness of the village of Kennebunkport and the artistic feel of Portland.

When first exploring the area we discovered that throughout December, the village hosts a holiday festival called Christmas Prelude. Ever since this trip, we have wanted to return back!

Close to the Kennebunkport area is a beach town of Ogunquit. Ogunquit has one particular paved walkway along the Atlantic Ocean called Marginal Way.

Because we had our pup in tow, we decided to visit the walk (even though extremely chilly) to give him some exercise. We began walking down the path and an eighth of a mile in, Alec asked if I wanted to sit on a bench overlooking the ocean.

We sat down and Alec began breathing heavily; far too heavy for a short walk.

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Then he began talking with me and soon enough he pulled out a small red box and got down on one knee.

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As soon as he did, I began balling – completely taken back and unable to speak. It was probably about 10 seconds later after he asked that I hadn’t answered because of the shock!

He gently asked again and I said YES. When he stood up I saw flashes of a camera and heard a big loud “WOOHOO!” from 200 yards away.

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I asked who had been taking pictures and Alec continued to tell me it was no one. We continued walking and sure enough our two families had traveled 3+ hours from various locations to be with us during this special time.

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With balloons, champagne, and signs, we were able to relish the moment and of course get some great photos.

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That evening we all stayed in Portland for a big seafood dinner (my favorite). During dinner Alec handed me an envelope with flight details for a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Knowing that we want to get married in the area, he had already booked us a trip to find the perfect venue.

Never in a million years would I have guessed this proposal coming!

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