Alexandra and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Porto Heli, Greece

How We Met

Adam and I’s first initial relationship was merely politely greeting each other with a smile in the hallways of the operating room where we both spent the majority of our work days. Months later, while having a girls day at a beach bar on St. Pete beach I recognized that familiar handsome smile in a group of guys next to us. We ended up spending the entire day here talking and getting to know each other. He reached out shortly after getting my number that day and after a few dates, we were quickly inseparable.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Porto Heli, Greece

Alexandra's Proposal in Porto Heli, Greece

I was immediately drawn to Adam’s outlook on life, sense of humor, and his huge kind heart. It did not take long at all for both of us to realize that our stories had aligned for a reason. God had so intentionally orchestrated our lives to that point so that both of us were truly ready for the other and our relationship skyrocketed from there. “When you know, you know” could not be more of an accurate statement! I’ve adored the man more and more every single day since.

Proposal Ideas Porto Heli, Greece

How They Asked

In August, Adam and I attended The Yacht Week Greece with three other couples and great friends. This week was truly a once in a lifetime experience sailing the Mediterranean Sea for seven days indulging in all the best foods and every day a new and different gorgeous destination island. No makeup, bathing suits, and showers off the back of the boat at sunset paints a picture of our lifestyle for the week but it was so incredible taking a break from reality and meeting people from all over the world. The third day our stop was in Porto Heli where our group had the entire pool that overlooked the ocean for the day at the fabulous all white Nikki Beach and Spa. That morning Adam insisted he brings his bag onto the island saying he may potentially need to get some work done that night if we decided to stay the night on Porto Heli.

After spending a little time at the pool party with our friends Adam asked me if I wanted to take a walk down on the beach. We walked down a little way from the resort talking about how surreal our surroundings were and how lucky we were to be able to make this trip. We casually stopped by one of the cabanas as he pointed something out to me across the water. When I turned around to look up at him he was already down on one knee and I was so shocked I become speechless. It wasn’t until he pulled the ring out of his pocket that his words became crystal clear and this incredible moment become my reality. I burst into tears and made the surest decision of my life saying YES! to my best friend and man of my dreams. Our moment was accompanied by the cheers of the Yacht Week crew all watching the proposal from the resort’s edge!

Special Thanks

Justin DeMutiis
 | Photographer