Alexander and Amal

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How We Met

Separate by distance and COVID-19. She lives in Canada and I live in Chicago. Amal my Somali queen was pregnant with my baby girl Amani. Couldn’t be there to support her when she’s feeling sad or was in pain, and hungry. She’s a tough girl to go through pregnancy alone. My ticket to enter Canada was the Amani birth certificate. When she’s was born on September 4th and the birth certificate came weeks later. I immediately hopped on a plane and reunited with my new family. We went out on a nice sunny day to Niagara Falls and I decided to propose to her. My proposal video caught a lot of attention here in Canada. We did a few interviews and was featured in an article. My wife Amal is so excited and I’m soooo in love with her. Want to spread our love and our story to uplift those couples that are in long-distance relationship.

How They Asked

I traveled from Chicago to London, Canada, and after a long quarantine of 14 days, we finally went outside for fresh air. It was Amal’s idea to go to Niagara Falls. I instantly thought maybe this the day to propose. We arrive and was taking lots of pics. I ask Amal’s sister Edna to take my phone to take a video of me and Amal. Amal was confused on why to take a video. I drop my mask on the ground to distract her from seeing me pull the ring out of my pocket. I pull the ring out and popped the question. She burst into tears and responded with are you dumb! LOL

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