Alexa and Trevor

how we met

Alexa and Trevor have known each other since 2005. They met when Alexa transferred in her 8th grade year and started on the boys soccer team. Alexa and Trevor continued on to attend the same high school and college where they saw each other periodically, spoke infrequently, and played on complimentary men’s and women’s sport teams. They remained at the fingertips of each other lives, always knowing where the other was in life, but never truly regaining the ironically great friendship they had as middle schoolers. Their lives never really crossed paths for any significant length of time, until 2017 when they very abruptly collided at the gym. Alexa lived in Texas at the time and would come home to Chicago frequently.

how they asked

After a good amount of catching up on 12 years of life, playing soccer, going on walks, runs, working out or dragging friends along with to exercise in some way shape or form, they finally started a new chapter together by a surprise proposal in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

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