Alexa and Stephen

How We Met

I work as a bartender at a restaurant close to where we live, 3 years ago he got a job there as a buss boy and we became good friends almost instantly. Best friends you could say. After a few months of this friendship I knew he started liking me, but I was in no way looking for a relationship, I had just gotten out of one! So we remained “best friends” all the while he had a bigger plan in mind. He always says he “knew” I was the one long before we even began dating and I always laughed and told him to shut up because there’s no way someone could know that quickly. After he got promoted and started cocktail serving we got even closer and after a while my friends just started giving me a hard time asking why I wasn’t dating “the cute server who was clearly in love with me” I told them it just wasn’t where my head was at yet. A few months later we came to a crossroads and I was having fun “being single” and he was still chasing after the girl who wasn’t fully invested. He gave me an ultimatum, which no guy had ever done to me before and in my stubborn ways I said “fine we’ll just stop hanging out then” and about 12 hours later I caved because my gut kept telling me I’d be an idiot to let this one go.

how they asked

A couple years ago my mom decided to start planning yearly family vacations that we either could all tag along on or choose to opt out of. Since me and my 3 other siblings are all older and out of high school now my parents decided paying for 6 of us to go somewhere while trying to adjust for everyone’s schedule would just be too much. So our first year we went to Cancun and last year was the first year Stephen got to join in on the new family vacation tradition when we went to South Africa, after we had only been dating a few months (but when you know, you know. RIGHT?!). On that trip he had already asked my dad for permission, which was hugely important to me, but I hadn’t even told him the importance of that gesture, he just kinda knew too I guess. Fast forward to this year we were getting ready to head to Costa Rica for the 2017 family vacation and I kind of thought well maybe? But he was always quick to tell me how broke he was so I always quickly pushed the idea of a proposal out of my head.

It was our 3rd day here and we were all hanging out by the pool, Stephen and I briefly talked about getting engaged and he shot that down quick so we moved on from the conversation quickly. My mom wanted to go exploring the city a little bit. So we left and about 5 minutes later my sister texted me saying it was “golden hour” and she wanted me to take pictures of her with my camera (aspiring photographer). So we turned right back around and got back to the beach club and when they pushed me and Stephen in front of the camera I thought nothing of it. My sister yelled “look into his eyes or do something lame so I can get some cheesy pics” and he looked at me and said “I can’t wait to marry you” and I told him to shut up because we had just talked about this 5 minutes ago and he shot that idea down so fast I couldn’t even respond. Then as he reached into his pocket he said “No really, I can’t wait” and he was down on one knee and I blacked out.

Alexa's Proposal in Guanacaste, Costa Rica