Alexa and Ryan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newtown, CT

How We Met

My fiancé and I met at a CrossFit gym where we were both interning to be coaches.

how they asked

A few years later, he became the owner of that gym, CrossFit Hook’d! Every year we hold a huge fundraising competition at the gym. The day he proposed, we were up at 5:15 am to get set up for the event. The event lasted about 9 hours and it was exhausting, thrilling, and wonderful. After it ended I knew we had to rush to “his dads birthday dinner.”

On the ride there I was complaining that I was tired, had a headache, and wanted to be on the couch! He told me “you’ll be fine in a few minutes,” little did I know! As soon as we got out of the car he stopped me and said, “I have an important question to ask you,” and I assumed it was something about the event, but then he got down on one knee and simply said, “Will you marry me?” I truly thought I was dreaming!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newtown, CT

I don’t even remember how the ring got onto my finger. When I turned around his sister was there taking photos and when we walked into the restaurant I saw his mom at the end of the hallway. I gave her a huge hug and she whispered, “turn around.” I saw his family, my parents, and my three best friends with their boyfriends! One friend from Ohio and the other from DC! I was completely blown away. We spent the night in our own private room with pink champagne, appetizers, pizza, and love. There was a poster that read “Engaged” with all of my favorite pictures of Ryan and me together. I couldn’t have asked for a more special night!