Alexa and Ryan

How We Met

When I was in college, I started interning as a coach at a CrossFit gym in Sandy Hook, CT, mostly at night. Ryan was also interning at the gym, but in the mornings. I remember seeing him around, but I didn’t catch his name so I referred to him as “mustache man.” A few months later, I found out that Ryan got his certification, so I asked for his number, so I could check out his notes ;) Fast forward to now, Ryan owns the gym, and I’m coaching for him!

How They Asked

Wow. This is a long one, but a great one! The morning of his proposal, we were getting ready for our gym’s BIGGEST fundraising competition of the year, Hookd2Hops sponsored by Two Roads Brewery. We raise money for the Catch a Lift Foundation which helps veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan get gym memberships. There had to be at least 200 people competing and watching, so needless to say, I was STRESSED! Ryan kept reminding me that morning to bring a change of clothes so I would be ready for “his dads birthday dinner” after the competition. During the competition, my mom (who was competing) got injured and I had to jump in. After the day ended, we headed to the restaurant for the dinner, and I was EXHAUSTED. Dehydrated, headache, you name it. Ryan was so giddy- trying to sing and dance with me in the car, and I said, “I need a bit of silence.”

We got to the restaurant, started walking inside, and he stopped me and said simply: “Alexa. I have a very important question for you. Will you marry me?” He was in the strongest knee-down stance I’ve ever seen with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I thought I was dreaming!! After saying “no” because I couldn’t believe it was happening, and then finally saying yes, I walked inside to see all of his family, my family, and my 3 best friends from all over the country there to celebrate with us. There was champagne and presents and my best friend made me a poster of all my favorite pictures of a Ryan and me. I was FLOORED! He nailed it!

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