Alexa and Robert

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How We Met

Bobby and I met at a bar 3 years ago, he gave me a Girl Scout cookie and then wrote his phone number on the top of the box. We barely spoke 3 words to each other but had an instant connection. We went on our first date and then spent a month together before he told me he was living for work in Ecuador. We spent 3 months apart but talked every single day. I realized immediately how much he meant to me by how much I missed him. When we reunited, we knew pretty quickly we would spend the rest of our lives together. We’ve spent the last 3 years, traveling together, having dance parties in our kitchen, long road trip chats, and loving every second of our time tobether. He is completely and undeniably my soulmate and I’m so grateful I get to spend my life with him.

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How They Asked

We had been stuck in quarantine for 3 months together while planning to move across the country together this summer. He told me he was going to Houston for work the weekend before, but little did I know he was actually flying to my hometown to ask my Dad for his blessing. One week later we went for a sunset hike together at our usual spot. I could tell he really wanted to get to the peak by sunset.

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We went to take a picture of us overlooking the city we spent the last 3 years together, the one we’d soon be leaving. As I turned back around after soaking up the views, he was telling me about really be in NY seeing my Dad. He had driven through a snowstorm and surprised him to ask. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. Just us, the top of a mountain, and the sunset. It was a perfect moment I will remember forever💛

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