Alexa and Parker

How We Met

Parks and I met through my twin and her now-husband back in 2017. He went to college with both of them and they became pretty close friends towards the end of college, and we actually met once really briefly in passing while they were in college (he remembered that I didn’t). Fast forward a few years and Grace (my twin) and Grayson (her husband) got engaged! At the time, Grayson was living in San Francisco, while Grace was living in Orange County, and planning to move up to the city once they got married. They had been wanting to set Parker and me up for a while now, but I had always said no since they were such close friends – I was worried things could end weird and didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship.

Fast-forward a bit, Grayson’s birthday was coming up (September 9th), and he really wanted Grace and me to come to visit him in the city for the weekend. Even though we are really close, I thought it was a bit weird that he wanted me to come to the third wheel what could be a romantic birthday weekend with just him and his fiancé (my sister), but thankfully I had to work that weekend anyway, so I had an out. On the Wednesday before the weekend of the 9th, my company told me they didn’t need me to work the weekend anymore, so I figured I would look up flights just to see if it was even a possibility for me to go. Of course, flights were way too expensive since it was only two days before I would have to leave, so I told Grayson I loved him, but still wouldn’t becoming. Next thing I know, I got a text from my mom letting me know that my dad had just bought my flight to the city (what a dad win), and I was leaving for San Fran right after work on Friday.

Friday came around very quickly, and as I was getting ready to board my plane, I got a text from Grayson letting me know that instead of staying in the city all weekend, we were going to drive to Tahoe and stay in a house there. Oh, and he also let me know that the house we were staying in was actually Parkers family’s cabin and that Parker would be joining us for the weekend. Since I was already at the airport and getting ready to board, there wasn’t much I could say except “sounds fun!” (although internally I was panicking a little, because I had packed cute clothes for the city, and not warm clothes for the snow in Tahoe).

Once I arrived in the city, I jumped in the car with Grace and Grayson, and we drove straight to Sacramento, where Parker lived, to pick him up and then finish the drive to Tahoe together. A small detail, but originally I told Grace and Grayson I wouldn’t get out of the car to say hi to Parker since I didn’t know him, and would just introduce myself in the car. Of course, when we arrived at his house Friday night the CUTEST Golden Retriever puppy came running outside, and so I immediately jumped out of the car to pet him (well played Parks), and ended up introducing myself then.

In the car ride to Tahoe, I was sitting behind Parker and remember looking at the back of his head and thinking “Wow, those are some manly shoulders” LOL. We finally made it to Tahoe late Friday night, and hung out and talked for a bit, then all went to bed. On Saturday (Graysons birthday), we spent the first half of the day at the Cabin making breakfast, drinking mimosas, and playing cards. Parker and I went to the store alone to get more mimosa stuff when we were out and were definitely flirting all morning (there was also a bit of hand touching going on under the table while we were playing cards). We went for a hike later that afternoon, and I was CONVINCED he was going to kiss me since he kept pulling me to walk behind Grace and Grayson. The photo below is the only photo we got from the weekend we met, but this was on the hike when the flirting was definitely escalating ;)

Later, we went back to the cabin to get ready for the night because some more friends who were staying in Tahoe that weekend were coming over and we were all going to go to the casinos together. Then, it happened. While Grace was in the shower and Grayson was taking some birthday calls in the other room, Parks and I were on the couch hanging out and watching football, and next thing I know we were kissing! We still argue to this day who initiated it, but I’m convinced he leaned in and started it. As soon as we heard Grace get out of the shower and Grayson get off the phone, we went back to our normal selves because we didn’t want them to find out and make it into something big.

Later that evening, we all went to the casinos together, and while P and I were walking behind everyone else, he leaned in and kissed me again. Of course, at that exact moment, Grace happens to look over her shoulder at us, and all we heard next was her yelling “GRAYSOONNN”. It’s safe to say, our little secret was no longer a secret.

We had a great rest of the weekend, and on Sunday, we drove home and dropped Parks off. He eventually got my number and we started talking, and the next time we saw each other was at Grace and Grayson’s wedding a month and a half later, which only solidified our feelings for each other. We did long distance for about a year, and then he moved down to Southern California, and a year after that, the best thing and best day happened.

Alexa's Proposal in San Clemente, CA

How They Asked

To start off, it’s safe to say that I had been waiting and ready for this for a while now. Based on previous conversations, I knew it was coming somewhat soon (before 2020) and had been anxiously awaiting the day. So in the week leading up to the weekend of September 7th (exactly two years to the weekend that we met), we decided to do a double date with my twin and her husband on Friday. I had been texting Grace about it and we planned to go to dinner and a movie with the boys (or at least I thought that she and I had planned it – little did I know that Parker had done all the background work on this to make it happen). I knew we had a girls brunch with all my girlfriends on Saturday morning, and then we had a friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night, so we wanted a more low-key night on Friday.

Friday night came around and after our double date, Parks and I were sitting in the car talking before going home. We started talking a bit about the future, and he told me he was so excited about it, but our engagement would probably be more delayed than expected, and most likely wouldn’t happen now until after the new year. Reluctantly, I told him I trusted him and loved him and we would get there eventually. He then told me that he found out that our friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday was actually going to be a really nice dinner, so to wear a nice dress and heels. We decided to do a little happy hour with just the two of us before that dinner, and Parks told me we should do it near the beach and then go for a walk on the beach after. I told him I wouldn’t want to walk since I was going to be all dressed up and didn’t want to get all sweaty. However, he told me we talked about doing this walk all the time and should just follow through on it and do it, so I told him we could see how long we had after happy hour, and if we had enough time then we could go for a walk.

Saturday morning came around and I woke up to my roommate sitting downstairs wide awake, asking if I wanted coffee before our brunch. I told her, yes, and we hung out for a bit (which I later learned was a planned distraction), and then got ready for our girl’s brunch and headed to Malibu Cafe on Lido Island. I had all of my best friends there and we drank mimosas, talked, and laughed A TON. We even started talking about Parker and my timeline for marriage and when I told them what we talked about last night and how sick I was of getting my nails painted white only (lol), they recommended I try a different color and said it won’t be bad if I get engaged with red nails. After our brunch, we all decided to go and get another ear piercing together, and then I went to my twin’s house to borrow some shoes, and maybe a dress for the party that night. I ended up borrowing a dress and heels from Grace (of course) and got ready at her house while letting her know that I was pretty bummed when Parks told me wouldn’t be getting engaged until after the new year. She told me that this stage is always hard, but we would get there eventually. Then, I left to drive down to San Clemente where Parks lives and our friend’s birthday dinner was.

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I jumped in Parker’s car once I got there and we went to a cute little restaurant down by the pier in San Clemente and got drinks and chips and guacamole (my favorite). I didn’t notice at the time, but Parker barely even touched the food. As it turned out, we did have time for a beach walk, and actually decided to walk to our friend’s dinner since it was so close to the beach, and would have someone drop us off at his car after the party.

We saw some of Parker’s neighbors when we were walking on the beach, and he kept pointing me to look out on the water (which I didn’t really notice or pay attention to at the time). After looking at the water for so long, I told him we should go put our feet in, but he told me we were actually going to walk the other way and turned me towards the sand. I immediately saw a blanket with a table on top of it that had on it champagne, sunflowers (my favorite flower), a bible that had “The Abercrombies” engraved on it, and a little box that I could only assume had a ring inside it.

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As soon as I saw that table, I froze and in complete shock, looked at him and said: “what’s happening?!”. He laughed and told me to put my shoes and purse down, and then led me to the table. We kneeled next to it and he read a few different verses from the bible and talked about the values he wanted our future family to be founded and based on. He then asked me to stand up, and got onto one knee and told me how much he loved me, and asked me to marry him. I was so completely in shock, I don’t fully remember what I said (or what he did), but next thing I knew we were hugging and kissing, and after a few minutes he looked at me and asked “so, are you going to look at the ring?” LOL, I hadn’t even glanced at it because I was so completely in love and at the moment with my future HUSBAND. We then took a bunch of photos with our friends Sara and Hillary (whose birthday dinner we were supposed to be going to) and headed out because Parks told me we had somewhere else to be.

Alexa and Parker's Engagement in San Clemente, CA

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We got in the car and started driving towards Newport Beach, where Parker told me that we were going to a cocktail hour to celebrate with both of our families. He told me some out of town guests had flown in, but didn’t tell me who, and also told me that tonight would be just to celebrate with family, and tomorrow we would celebrate with our friends. We pulled up to Newport Beach Country Club, and then walked upstairs and found both of our families and extended families waiting for us with champagne. I immediately started crying because of everyone who was there, and felt so loved and excited to celebrate! We were at cocktail hour for a few hours, and then around 8pm Parker said that our time there was up, and we could go finish celebrating at my parents house.

As we were pulling up to my parent’s house, Parker’s brakes on his car started “acting a bit strange” and he told me he wanted to do one more lap around the neighborhood to check them out (little did I know he was stalling). We finally pulled up to their house and much to my surprise, ALL of our FAMILY and FRIENDS were standing outside cheering. I was SHOCKED, and just sat in the car for a minute staring, and then could barely move once I got out of the car. I was so overwhelmed in the absolute BEST way possible, and once my shock wore off, we started hugging everyone. There was Mexican food catered and the champagne was flowing, and after we told our engagement story to everyone there, the night turned into a giant dance party (a little wedding warm-up), and it was epic. And of course, in typical Boyer / Abercrombie fashion, everyone (yes, even myself), ended up getting thrown into the pool! (and then continued dancing soaking wet). The night finally ended around 1 or 2 am, and we were CASHED, but again in the absolute best way.

This day, night, and even weekend was an ABSOLUTE DREAM, and there are so many more details that I wish I could share in this post. I was so impressed with how perfectly Parker planned everything and was surprised every single step of the way. I honestly could not have planned a better engagement for myself!! We felt so beyond loved by all of our friends and family members who showed up to celebrate with us, and now can’t WAIT for the bigger party that the wedding will be. WE’RE GETTING MARRIED AHHHH!!!

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Special Thanks

Sara Tober
 | Photographer