Alexa and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met in a bar through a mutual friend about a year and a half ago. I knew from the night I met him that he was the one I wanted. I made that happen and shortly after, we began our relationship. A few short months after that, we were living together. I loved him so much. Fast forward a little, we’ve been living together just over a year, been dating just over a year and a half.

how they asked

My best friend and photographer asked us to pose for some photos for a “contest” she was entering. Little did I know, this “contest” was fake, and she and Matt had been planning my secret proposal for MONTHS.

The day of the shoot, we took some super sweet pictures around this small shallow river. We played a “game” where I would stand and face the camera and Matt would come up behind me and whisper something in my ear to make me laugh. The third time we played our “game”, Jen (photog) had me turn around and there Matt was, down on one knee, with an empty box. I immediately started crying (happy tears) and asking if he was serious, to which he, angrily, answered YES.

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So of course I said yes, we hugged, we cried.

It was great, until I started laughing and asked why the box was empty. Matt’s face went white and he asked “what do you mean it’s empty?”. We had no idea where the ring had gone, this beautiful, custom, labor of love ring, was just gone. Disappeared.

We spent hours searching before it got dark, and defeated and depressed, headed home. We purchased a sweet little ring from Kohl’s that night (oh Lisa was just so sweet!) that I could wear so we could announce the exciting news to all our friends.

The next day, watching football with his family, Matt’s stepmom decided that we weren’t just going to accept that the ring was gone. What mama says goes, so we loaded up into the trucks and headed back for the river.

One metal detector, four shovels, 7 family members and 3 hours later, MATT FOUND THE RING.

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This time, when I turned around to face him, down on one knee, the most beautiful diamond ring held by my most favorite person in the world. There is no way on earth that we should have been able to find this ring! No way! Almost 24 hours in a (small, slow moving, shallow) river and not only did we find it, but fully intact, perfect condition, as though it never left its box! Nobody could or can still believe that we found the ring. If that isn’t luck and a good omen for our future, I’m not sure what is!

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Special Thanks

Jen Colony
 | Photographer