Alexa and Matt

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How We Met

I was 14 when my sister took me along to our local church’s youth group. I began going every Wednesday night and ended up singing in the worship band. I remember standing with my sister and her friends and glancing over towards a group of boys. It wasn’t until my sister had pointed towards this blonde haired, blue eyed boy with a backwards cap on and said “Oh! The blonde one is cute.” that I had noticed Matt. The whole church service I could barely focus. I kept glancing over towards him hoping he would notice me. I was completely hooked. A couple of months later, while leaving church, Matt and his group of friends were out in the parking lot long boarding. I was trying to listen to what my group had been talking about but I couldn’t stop watching what Matt was doing. Moments later, we hear a loud thump and looked over to see that Matt had actually backed into my sisters car with his truck. Trying really hard not to laugh to save him from being even more embarrassed, I began texting my best friend telling her exactly what happened.

We went home and I decided to give the poor guy an even harder time by adding him on Facebook. Once he accepted, I shot him a message saying “Way to go.” We ended up talking until 2 in the morning about anything and everything and Matt’s favorite thing to do was send a bunch of smileys. We ended up going to camp together that summer and spent the majority of the time down by the creek talking about our future and our goals. I remember going back into the cabin later that night and tons of girls asking me all about him. He would put sweet letters and scriptures in my camp mailbox and draw me tons of cute pictures. When we got home from camp we ended up “dating” for a month and a half and then decided it wasn’t the right time because I was only 15 and not allowed to date yet. (Thanks dad!) I remember telling him, “Maybe you could wait for me.” Little did I know, he would. Two years had passed and I had just gotten out of a previous relationship and was not into the thought of being in another one. I remember praying and telling Jesus that the next man I would date would be my future husband.

I would take time to focus on Him and allow him to prepare me for that person. Exactly a week later, I had gotten a text from that same, but much older, blue eyed boy. Something in my head told me “He’s the one” but I wouldn’t admit it. I was so focused on focusing on myself and Jesus that I didn’t realize this man was exactly who God had intended for me. He would wait at my truck every morning before school and sometimes bring me donuts. I was so flattered but I still had the mindset of being single. We ended up becoming really good friends and then he broke the news about joining the military. I was crushed. As the months went on Matt and I stopped being close because he wanted a relationship (I mean the poor guy waited 2 years) and I was too stubborn to admit that I liked him. Then, on one June evening my mom had driven home from work and hit a goose, cracking her left headlight. My mom had always loved Matt so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all her master plan to get us to talk again.

She called Matt to see if he could help her out with possibly fixing the headlight. 10 minutes later, Matt was in my driveway. I remember she kept telling me to “just go talk to him.” I went outside and my heart skipped a beat. We ended up talking the whole time he fixed the headlight and then, out of nowhere, I invited him to stay for dinner. We remained friends the rest of the summer and became inseparable all over again. My heart always felt so happy being with him and I would get sad whenever he would drive away at the end of a full day of hanging out. A week before he left for Basic Training, we sat on his bed packing. Out of no where I blurted out; “So, when are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?” Everyone thought I was crazy to start dating him before he had to leave, but I knew he was worth the wait. And he was.

how they asked

On the morning of January 1, 2017, Matt woke me up with a text saying he had something planned and wanted to go “somewhere fancy” and to be ready by 5. I was completely honest and told him I didn’t think I would be up for it. After all, we stayed up playing games and Disney Sing-It all night for New Years Eve. He kept on insisting that we needed a date night and he just wanted to go to dinner. I started to get a little nosey and wondered what he was up to. I agreed and told him I would see him later. Later that day, my mom decided to take both me and my sister to get our nails done. The thought of a proposal ran across my mind countless times but it seemed impossible. I’m not going to lie though, I was really excited. I went home, got ready and waited for Matt to pick me up to take me on this fancy date. We drove a little ways and got further out of the city where any restaurant would be.

We pulled up to this beautiful red barn with a pond in the back and trees all around. I began to piece together everything that was happening. He opened the barn doors and inside were lights strung all around and a trail of rose petals and candles leading up to a small table where the most beautiful ring was sitting along side a Bible engraved with my new last name.

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I immediately started crying. I honestly can’t remember a single word he said, but before I knew it, my best friend was down on one knee asking me to marry him..

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