Alexa and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met 6 and 1/2 years ago when I was in high school. He lived right next door to me and his dog would always sneak out of his backyard. I would constantly be returning his dog back and from there, we just clicked!

how they asked

Kyle and I were vacationing on Kauai with his entire extended family. He secretly arranged for my parents and brothers to fly in halfway through the trip so they could see the proposal. We were supposed to meet my family on Maui a few days later, so I didn’t think twice about them coming to Kauai since they’ve never been there. We all gathered on a cliff side so his parents could renew their vows for their 30th wedding anniversary. I was his mom’s Maid of Honor, and he was his dad’s Best Man. Before I knew it, Kyle had turned his Best Man speech into a proposal and dropped down on one knee in front of all 20+ family members. It could not have been more perfect!

Image 1 of Alexa and Kyle