Alexa and Kiefer

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How We Met

I met Kiefer close to a year before we went on our first date. I was sitting with my best friend, Jill, at our favorite bouban bar, Cleo’s. Jill had just started a new semester at Ball State that included a project involving some other people from her major or similar majors. I had met a few of them, but on this night I met Kiefer. He walked in and took my breathe away. We got to talking (accidentally ignoring Jill most of the night, sorry!) and at one point Kiefer looked at me and said, “well, I’m pretty sure you and I are going to get married.” Fast forward several months later and Kiefer walks back into my life. Once again with Jill, we had dinner with Kiefer and I once again realized I was in big trouble. He made me laugh in every conversation we had, and I think even then he knew he had me. A few weeks later we went on our first official date, and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

I would love to say our engagement story is full of nothing but cute anecdotes and sweet quotes from the day of- but that would be a lie. In all honestly, I was MEAN to Kiefer all day long! He had planned a date to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, one of my all time favorite places and where we went on one of our first dates. I woke up not feeling great, and had decided I wanted to go another day. Kiefer spent the morning convincing me we had to go and finally I gave in. I took my sweet time getting ready and feeling frustrated that he insisted we get dressed up (not unusual for Kiefer). Finally we get to the IMA, and I continue feeling frustrated that Kiefer is being so antsy and practically running in the museum. As we get upstairs we immediately see the “LOVE” statue, but Kiefer just keeps walking straight past it. He runs over the the light fixture that spans the four floors of the museum. I told him before we even went to the IMA the first time two years prior that this was my favorite part of the museum. It’s not even in an exhibit, but it’s the most beautiful part of the museum. As we’re standing here staring at it I notice Kiefer being fidgety, but I don’t think much of it- I’m in awe of these lights every time. Then I notice him shift his weight and look directly at me. He dropped to one knee, and I FINALLY realized what was happening. I’ll never forget that feeling- happy, excited, emotional. It was perfect. Once we caught our breathe, he pointed up to the second balcony where his brother and sister in law had been waiting (for an insane amount of time while I took hours to get ready) to take photos of the proposal. I could not have asked for more beautiful pictures of one of the biggest moments of my life.

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