Alexa and Jon

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How We Met

When we met Jon was in the Navy’s pilot training program and was stationed in Milton, FL. I was still in college at LSU, but my parents lived in Gulf Breeze, near Milton, so I came home periodically. When I was home for Christmas break I downloaded Tinder and Jon and I matched. Shortly after, I returned to college and we were not able to meet. We messaged back and forth for a few months and we finally got the chance to meet in person when I moved back to Gulf Breeze in May. Shortly after I moved back I was asked to judge a cheerleading tryout in Milton and I reached out to Jon to let him know I would be in the area. After tryouts, we met up at a frozen yogurt store called Sweet Frogs and we hit it off. After frozen yogurt, Jon took me to meet his roommates and a friend at a local restaurant. We continued to hangout with both of our friends in the Pensacola area throughout the summer and we started dating on July 4, 2014.

In the fall I had to go back to LSU and Jon moved on to different Navy bases in Texas, Florida, and Hawaii. We spent two years in a long distance relationship but we made it work. Once Jon received orders for his permanent duty station in Washington, he asked me to join him. I accepted a new position with my company and Jon and I were able to move to Washington together. On September 19, 2016, Jon came back to Pensacola to pick up our chocolate lab and me for our road trip to Washington. Before we left Pensacola, we wanted to take pictures in front of the Pensacola Beach sign because we both love Pensacola and we eventually want to move back there some day.

how they asked

Since Jon just came home from his first deployment and I was not able to make it to his military homecoming we decide to take professional pictures in front of the Pensacola Beach sign. The afternoon of the pictures Jon and my mom said they were going out to get clothes for Jon to wear during the pictures, since he just got back from deployment and all of his clothes were being shipped to his next duty station. Little did I know that they were actually going to pick out an engagement ring. After they got back we went to the Pensacola Beach sign and started taking some pictures. Once the sun set the photographer said his cue word to Jon and he got down on one knee.

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I was in total shock! We had been talking about getting engaged for a while so everyone knew it was coming but I had no idea that it would happen right when he got back from being deployed.

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When we were done taking the pictures in front of the Pensacola Beach sign we went out to the beach to take some more engagement pictures.

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