Alexa and Joey

How We Met

Joey and I had been dating for about 4 years when we decided we were both ready to get married. We looked at rings, talked about marriage and both wanted it to happen sooner than later. I kept trying to predict when he would propose, but Joey was so good at not giving anything away. I was getting impatient and started to wonder if he even had a plan . . . or a ring!

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In the meantime, I was also training for my first marathon that would take place in my hometown of Ventura, CA. That kept me pretty distracted from trying to figure out Joey’s proposal. On the morning of the marathon Joey was up bright and early with me and our dog, Pickle, to take me to the starting line. The race began and I was off to run 26.2 miles! Little did I know that Joey had already contacted my friends and family to meet at the finish line for a surprise he had planned for me. After a few hours went by, I was almost to the finish line. I was so exhausted and so happy I was about to accomplish one of my bucket list items (run a marathon before I’m 30!). Once I crossed the finish line, I was so tired and so happy that I didn’t even notice Joey was in the finish chute with me.

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All of the sudden I saw my family and friends cheering for me on the sideline and Joey right in front of me! He gave me the biggest hug and said, “I have a question for you” as he got down on one knee. I had no idea what he was talking about or what he was doing. Then all of a sudden it clicked that he was PROPOSING! I immediately began BAWLING as he pulled out the ring box that had a gorgeous engagement ring in it.

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Joey had a big romantic speech he wanted to tell me, but he was so nervous he forgot it. Instead, he got right to the point, told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. Once I stopped crying I said YES! We kissed a lot, hugged everyone, took pictures and enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach celebrating with everyone! It was literally the best day ever!