Alexa and Gabe

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

How We Met

Gabe and I met, coincidentally, at a wedding in September of 2015. Although we didn’t keep in touch for a while after our initial meeting, in February of 2016, fate brought us together at one of our favorite places – a tattoo shop. I had an appointment booked at a shop in the Philadelphia suburbs, and it just happened to be Gabe’s first day of work at the same shop. We exchanged numbers, started hanging out about a month later, and really have been inseparable since.

how they asked

For my Grandmother’s 80th birthday, my Dad planned a family trip to France. We spent two days in Normandy, discovering the remains of the WWII battle, and the following five days in Paris. While we were in Paris we did all of the typical tourist stuff – The Louve, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc. One place Gabe and I really wanted to visit was the section of Monmartre. Monmartre is the highest section of Paris and overlooks pretty much everything else. We asked our tour guide if we could cancel a visit to another art museum, and go to Monmartre instead. He kindly obliged. When we got to Monmartre, our guide suggested we go for a drink at a hotel that had an amazing rooftop terrace, providing an even better view. As we walked out onto the rooftop terrace I was mesmerized by the views, not paying attention to anyone around me – including my extremely awkward family gathering in a semi-circle. When I asked Gabe what he was doing (and why he wasn’t looking at the view!) he turned around and got on one knee. I super romantically replied, “OMG I’m going to throw up!”, but finally said yes when I caught my breath. The remainder of our trip was even more amazing than the beginning had been, and definitely something I will remember forever.

Alexa and Gabe's Engagement in Paris, France