Alexa and Ettore

How We Met

I friended him on Facebook because I thought he was really hot. And we had our first date two days later and were inseparable after that. I knew after our very first date that I was going to marry him and live the best life with the most amazing man. And here we are! Engaged!!!

how they asked

He had it all planned out and I had no idea! He had asked his sister in law to take me out to get my nails done the day of, Saturday 10/28(two years since our very first date) and I thought nothing of us getting manicures together. Then when I got home I called him because I wanted to run to target and asked if he needed anything . He asked me to come inside first, I thought he just wanted to give me a kiss like normal. So I went inside and was calling his name because he wasn’t in our bedroom, then he called out “Alexa come here I’m in the bathroom shaving” again I thought nothing because I would always go hang with him while he shaves. Then I opened the door and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed out “are you serious?”

And then started crying and fell to my knees and said yes! He had the whole bathroom decorated with rose petals, balloons, flowers, and a banner that read will you marry me.

It was the most perfect proposal!! Just him and I in the first place we said I love you to each other. We went to dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date at and enjoyed it so much, I was still in shock. Then when we got back home after dinner we stopped at his sisters house where all our family and friends celebrated our engagement with us. Our engagement was the best day of my life full of so many surprises and even more joy! Now I get to marry the man of my dreams!

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