Alexa and Edward

Proposal Ideas Orlando, FL

How We Met

Eddie and I met at Yankee Stadium when mutual friends started dating and each decided to bring a friend to a game with them. Eddie and I sat tucked in the backseat on our way from Long Island to the Bronx stealing looks and smiles at one another. When we arrived early to the game, Eddie and I upgraded those shared looks to shared parking lot beers among two of our closest friends. We didn’t start dating then, however. It took us a year from that day to share a dance floor kiss while in Fire Island with those same Yankee friends. The rest, from then on- as they say- is history.

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How They Asked

Eddie and I are both extremely close with our families. I have a twin sister who has been my better half my entire life, there’s not a milestone I have ever achieved without her by my side. Until most recently, my twin Rebecca, and I have been inseparable- she recently moved to Dallas, TX with her husband- leaving us to FaceTime and text messages. Eddie has shared with me that he knew that when he was going to ask he knew it had to be a family affair. Eddie ended up using our annual Florida vacation to visit family to his advantage and secretly flew his parents and even my twin sister down for the proposal! When Eddie proposed in my parents’ kitchen, our moms had helped set up the backdrop with balloons and streamers, our dads had written out signs and set up the champagne, my brother produced a special song to play as our soundtrack and my twin sister acted as the most perfect distraction. We were surrounded by our families and I could not have asked for anything better!