Alexa and Dillon

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How We Met

I have known Dillon since I was a really awkward and uncomfortable 12 year old. He lived down the street from my best friend and we were the classic, “neighborhood playmates.” We liked each other at this point in our life, but our greatest expression of these feelings was writing a “+” sign between our names in sidewalk chalk.

We continued being friends and hanging out for many years, until finally, when we were seniors in high school we decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, the timing was just not right and things quickly fell apart. He went to the University of Texas @ Austin, and I moved to Africa. Yes, Africa.

The logistics of this endeavor just did not line up and it was a bust. Because we had been friends for so long it ended really well, but was definitely an old dream dying hard nonetheless. When I came home from Africa I was offered an athletic scholarship at Baylor University, so naturally, I ended up there for the duration of my college career.

My freshman year I started dating someone and actually continued dating him until second semester of my junior year, when things truly unraveled before my eyes. I was at a loss. The breakup was everything that needed to happen, but it was HARD for reasons that had nothing to do with me.

On February 10, 2016 Dillon and I reconnected via text message. Of course, he was skeptical initially as he feared that he was “the rebound.” However, time and communication quickly dissolved these fears.

On February 29, 2016 we went on our “first date” to Chuys in Waco, TX. It was everything both of us dreamed of it being. We did not skip a beat, it was just like old time but better and more mature.

On March 20, 2016 we determined that, for the first time in our 10 year friendship, it was the right time. We were finally dating! The only downside of this new and exciting dating experience was that he lived and Ausitn and I lived in Waco.

Though 90 miles does not seem very far, let me tell you, it is FAR when you are moderately obsessed with someone. Nevertheless, we made it work and learned very early on that this kind of love would take sacrifice.

how they asked

On December 10, 2016 my roommates and I headed to Austin to “celebrate the birthday” of Olivia (one of the 4 roomies) and take roommate pictures on Sunday prior to Julia’s December 17 graduation from Baylor University.

I was all over the idea- nothing sounds more fun to me than a weekend with my girls. Unbeknownst to me, Dillon had planned this entire thing and had booked hotel for us that night. We all went to a nice dinner and then to hang on Austin’s icioic Rainey Street.

December 11, 2016

In the morning, we all shuffled around our little hotel room getting ready for what I believed to be “roommate pictures.” Once we were ready we went to a fabulous brunch at, Snooze an am eatery, and then did a little shopping.

When we were finished we headed to Mt Bonnell to take pictures as it is one of the most beautiful places in Austin. Fun, and not so coincidental fact, my parents got married at Mt. Bonnell.

When we climbed all 100+ steps and got to the top, I saw Dillon was standing at there crying with a backdrop of the Austin overlook and flowers. He was sobbing, so naturally I joined the sobfest.

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I have no idea where my roommates even went at this point, but I just started walking towards him. The first thing I said when I got to him was “you’re supposed to be at church,” because I was under the impression that he was in Dallas with his friends and going to church at this hour. We exchanged a comforting giggle, hugged, talked for a minute, and then he was on one knee asking me to marry him.

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I was beside myself. YES, a million times yes.

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He had photographers there to capture the entire thing, so we took a few pictures befrore I turned around and saw both our families and best friends were off in the distance.

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They had watched the entire thing. What a gift. It was such a sweet and meaningful moment. Then they all left so that Dillon and I could have a moment and take some more pictures.

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Dillon and I then went to my favorite coffee shop, where they handed me my drink in a “does this ring make me look engaged” mug that he had given them in advance .

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We sat and talked for a little and then he told me we were going to get dinner with our families.

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We drove to another one of my favorite places in Austin, Motzarts, and my siblings were waiting outside for me. They had not been at the proposal so again I became a puddle of tears.

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This day just kept getting better. We walked inside, walked upstairs, and SURPRISE there were 133 of all of our favorite people there.

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Our parents gave a toast and we spent a few hours socializing and celebrating the best day ever with our favorite people ever.

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