Alexa and Daniel


How We Met

Our story begins at the start of the Grove City College school year in 2012. We both were incoming freshman and we were gathered in the school auditorium listening to the opening convocation speaker. Little did we know we were both sitting across the isle from our future spouse! A day later as all the freshman were going through orientation week (an awkward four days of crazy events designed for freshman to get to know one another) there came the time for the first “brother-sister hall” event. I came with all the guys on my freshmen hall and Alexa showed up amidst a sea of freshmen girls. During the ensuing ice breaker game, I ended up next to this gorgeous girl with long dark brown hair, tan skin, and these big blue eyes that were captivating. Naturally I introduced myself (that was the point of the game right ;)) and she said, “Hi I’m Alexa” with an ever so subtle hint of a latin accent. I instantly asked her where she was from and she explained she had grown up for a large part of her childhood in Argentina, hence the cute accent. I was instantly intrigued! We continued to chat but shortly after it was time to swap places again…unfortunately for me. Over the ensuing weeks and months Alexa and I ran into each other far more than either of us could have guessed. A friendship was born based on late nights “studying”, long walks through the town of grove city, and several trips to the ancient campus bowling alley. The laughter and jokes slowly were accompanied by deep conversation as we learned more and more about each others lives. It was on a rainy fall night that I finally asked Alexa to be my girlfriend (in spanish I might add). Not sure to this day why but she said yes! And 3 years 1 month and 16 days later she said yes a second time!! During our years together we have had many adventures including multiples trips to Florida, a surprise birthday spent in Myrtle Beach, guns and steak on my grandparents farm, countless movies watched, a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Pittsburgh, dance performances and lacrosse games, church together on Sundays, an engagement that included a night together in the hospital, and I could go on and on trust me. In conclusion, we have learned together that love is not a feeling, love is a choice. We have learned each others strengths and weaknesses. We have learned to recognize our failures and ask forgiveness. And above all else, we have learned that apart from God’s grace none of this would have been possible.

how they asked

This is a tale of two stones. I did not know it was going to be a tale of two stones…trussst me. About a month and half before the proposal took place I found myself in the emergency room in extreme pain. I had no idea what was going on but it hurt! After several hours and a healthy dose of pain medicine the doctors inform a loopy me that I had a kidney stone in an inconvenient location which was causing my pain. They gave me some meds and said it should pass within the week. They were wrong. The next month and a half resulted in two more trips to the ER, one trip to a specialist, and still no kidney stone passing. Thanksgiving break was approaching and Daniel (my now fiancé) and I were planning on taking a trip to his grandparents farm in Ohio followed by a week in Florida at his house. On Friday November 20th we hit the road to begin our thanksgiving break adventures. Little did I know Daniel actually had the ring in his pocket during the car ride from school to his grandparents. Shortly into the drive I started to feel pain. Oh no, please no, not right when break is starting and we have all these plans! About ten minutes from our destination I turned to Daniel and said, “Take me to the hospital”. I had taken four Percocet over the past three hours and still could feel every bit of the kidney stone. So off we went for ER trip number three. What followed was hours of waiting, more pain meds, a second CT scan cause they didn’t believe I had a stone, a hospital transfer with an IV in my arm at 1 a.m., a romantic (not) night in hospital number two, and a spur of the moment surgery Saturday to remove the stone. And so after a miserable night and an unexpected trip into the OR, I woke up without my stone! PRAISE JESUS. Eventually we made it to Daniel’s grandparents and I began my recovery… basically just me sleeping for the next 24 hours. On Sunday night, November 22nd when I finally felt like I had some life back in me, Daniel asked me to take a short walk with him out to the barn because he had to put the tractor away. When we got to the barn, he went inside to open up the large sliding door in the front. When he slid back the door I was not ready for what was inside. Lights! Roses! Straw! The whole place was decorated. He took me by the hand and walked me inside. After declaring his insatiable love for me he got down on one knee and opened a little box that contained a new stone. This stone was not at all like the first one, it was glimmering, meaningful, and brought about everything opposite of pain. I was so overjoyed and couldn’t believe what was happening. I was and still am the luckiest girl in the world! The whole weekend was an emotional roller coaster but a memory I will never ever forget. My stone stories will always be a reminder of the love and support my fiancé has shown me, I love you Daniel!




Special Thanks

Katie Casselli
Katie Casselli Photography