Alexa and Cory

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How We Met

We met online a few years ago. Cory was a polite and funny guy and I got a good vibe from talking to him. We didn’t go on our first date until about 3 weeks after chatting online and the rest is history. He’s become my very best friend and someone I enjoy spending time with. He is the person I can always count on to have fun and is the most supportive person I have in my life.

how they asked

Cory and I were in Atlantic City for the night and were getting ready to go out. This was a place we went pretty often with each other and one of our favorite spots so there was no special occasion involved. I was pretty much hogging up all the space in the bathroom making sure I looked my best, so he did his thing out in the main area of the hotel room. He put on some club type music, which again, was normal for us and nothing special. All of the sudden the song changed to something more slow, a song that we actually claimed “ours” a few years ago.

In my head I thought it was weird that he changed the song so randomly so I walked outside to see why and there he was standing there with the ring out, playing our song in the background. He asked me to marry him and it felt like a dream.

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I started to cry and so did he. I said yes! It was the perfect moment. Small, intimate and just the two the us. I will never forget this day!

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