Alexa and Chris

how we met

Funny enough, we met in my dorm room when I was a freshman in college, but I was not actually physically there. I happened to be home but Skyping with my former roommate (who was dating Chris’ best friend at the time) when her boyfriend and Chris showed up. As soon as he saw me over Skype he started throwing out compliments and funny comments and I was immediately intrigued. Fast forward a few months after a couple of in-person encounters, we went on our first real date, which consisted of walking around Amherst on a Friday night, immersed in conversation for hours and hours. It was truly magical and we were basically inseparable after that.

how they asked

I was so surprised! I mean, I knew that it was coming eventually, but was not expecting it when it did. It’s hard to pull off a surprise with me, I’m literally the worst at dealing with them. But anyways, I had come home on a Friday evening planning on making dinner, but very casually Chris asked if I wanted to go out to Northampton instead. We’ve spent a lot of time there over the years so it’s a special place to us, but also not out of the ordinary for us to go out there. We parked and started walking towards Main St. where there is a walking bridge that overlooks downtown.

As we were approaching the bridge, he asked if I just wanted to stop up there before we went to the restaurant. This prompted an immediate siren to go off in my head so I got very nervous thinking, oh my gosh, I think it’s happening. We got up there, it was a perfect summer night, and someone was playing guitar in the near distance (not planned). He started saying how much he loved me, all of the nicest things, and got down on one knee. It was perfect for us. Nothing overstated or overdone. Just perfect.As far as the planning goes, he told me that the ring was ready for him to pick up that day, and he didn’t want to wait another minute to ask. Needless to say, I felt like the luckiest, most loved girl in the world. Melt!

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