Alexa and Chase

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How We Met

Chase and I met at a church activity at the end of July in 2013. It is actually crazy that we have never met before then because we live in the same area, went to the same Junior High and High School, and were in the same stake. Well…during the activity, we had to throw flour around at people ( I don’t really remember what game it was) but I got my flour bag, and right as a turned around, he threw some of the flour right in my face. From there I knew it was fate;) I had never seen him at the ward until then, but he eventually told me he saw me the second I had joined the ward but was just to afraid to come talk to me.

We exchanged numbers literally the next day after the flour fight, and went on our first date a day after that. We dated on and off for 2 years. We both kept having this feeling that we needed to be in each others lives and decided to date exclusively last July in 2015. He has been my best friend through those years, and I can’t wait to spend eternity with him starting July 16, 2016.

how they asked

Chase asked me the day before Valentines Day this year. He had asked me during the week if we could go up the canyon over the weekend to just have a fun date. Of course I said yes and didn’t suspect anything because we go up the canyon all the time. He told me to get my nails done for his Valentines Day present the day off when he proposed, and I still had no clue. We started heading up the canyon before the sun set, and I had a hunch that this what it, he was finally going to propose, but I had wanted my friends there, and they weren’t so I actually was disappointed that this really was just a “going up the canyon” date.

He takes me up to the spot where we had our first date of star gazing. I thought “why are we here” since it wasn’t even time for the stars to come out yet. He then took me out of the car, and led me to this big pile of snow that we had to walk over to get to where he had waiting, a sign that said MARRY ME with 12 white roses. I was surprised that it was happening! He then asked and of course I say yes! I turned around and our best friends were there taking photos and I was just so happy. He then had another surprised and told me to look at the inside of the ring band. There he had our date put inside. He is my dream guy and I couldn’t ask for a better, loving man. I love him!

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Special Thanks

Ben Rafiner
 | Photographer