Alexa and Brandon

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How We Met

We met 8.5 years ago at a high school dance and have been high school sweethearts ever since!

How They Asked

We were supposed to “double date” with our friend and his “new girl” at Beneduce Vineyards. When we got there, we went inside and purchased a bottle of wine, which they put in a bag. Before going inside to meet up with our friend, he wanted to check out the fire pit. He then took out the bottle of wine and told me to look at the cute label that the workers put on the bottle. On it said, “Let’s share this bottle and the rest of our lives… Will you Marry me?” and then he got down on one knee and proposed! He hired a secret photographer to capture the moment and I am so happy I have the pictures to remind me every day of the most magical day of my life. Our family and a few close friends were also there to celebrate! I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend❤️