Alexa and Benn

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How We Met

Benn and Alexa met while surfing their local break in Ocean Beach, San Diego. What started out as casual surf sessions and acai bowls, eventually lead to post-session date nights and romantic searches for the next big swell. Fast forward a year and they are members of the same church, worshiping their Lord Jesus Christ and living their lives together with the purpose of bringing glory to God.

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how they asked

In late December of 2016 on a road trip to San Francisco, they left SD to visit Benn’s family after Christmas. The day after their arrival, the sun was shining and the two of them had the day to themselves, so they went site seeing around the city. Their first stop was at Ocean Beach, SF, where the waves were massive and stormy and the surfers were geared up to brace the cold. They then took their time roaming through the Cypress trees at Lands End Lookout. Benn suggested to Alexa that they go watch the sunset and he let her choose the lookout spot. Of course she chose the beach over the grassy knoll. They drove to Baker Beach where there was the most stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge. They walked casually along the sand, admiring how perfectly calm and sunny it was for typical windy and foggy San Francisco. As they walked, Alexa noticed an “art display” in the distance and wanted to have a look. As they got closer she saw a Mexican blanket in her favorite colors covered in rose pedals and laying among photos, love signs, lit tiki torches, and the wooden letters A&B. She was in shock! How did Benn pull this off in San Francisco from San Diego? And how did he know she would choose to watch the sunset from the beach? He is so sneaky – in the best way possible! He pointed out that there was a message in a bottle waiting for her there next to the blanket. Alexa pulled out the note, unrolled it, and read the loving words he had written to her. As she finished reading, she turned around to find Benn down on one knee, holding out the ring. She was so happy she could barely contain it! It was the most memorable moment – saying yes after he asked those words she had dreamed of hearing him say – then seeing the clouds change colors and the Golden Gate Bridge light up with the setting sun. They will cherish it for a lifetime. And they can’t wait to get married this July!

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Special Thanks

Ian Chin
 | Photographer