Alexa and Ben

How We Met

I remember nervously sitting in a huge church for the orientation of my first job as a lifeguard, wondering if I would make friends, or if anyone would even notice me. Lucky me, the adorable goofy boy sitting in the front row with the smile that exuded the love of Jesus sat down and asked me my name a few hours later. I literally saw him and thought no one shines that brightly without Jesus. Lucky me, he asked me to pick up trash with him after work. Lucky me, he made fun of my height and the fact that I couldn’t project my voice loud enough for guests to hear.

Lucky me, he took me on my first date, became my first boyfriend and gave me my first kiss, continuously pursuing me, no matter how shy I was. Lucky me, he picked me as his wife. Lucky me, he will always be my first, my only and in just a short while my always love. If you’ve ever met Benjamin Kirk Huddleston, you’ve met the definition of love, kindness, and patience.

Ben has taught me what love really looks like, he knows better than anyone how to calm me down in the moments of my panic, and he protects me with all his might when the world gets scary. He’s always been the real deal, he’s not a fake, his smile is genuine and his love for Jesus is beyond compare. These things and so much more make me beyond excited to parent our future children together. Our love has survived two school years of long distance, that taught each other never to take one another for granted, our love has survived trials, our love has survived success and failures, and the only thing I can attribute that to is the fact that Jesus was rooted at the center of it all.

From daily Bible studies, prayers before each date, countless church services, and small groups attended arm in arm, we’ve been blessed to grow not only in our love for one another but also our personal relationships with the Lord. Through every situation, we’ve conquered, and every area we’ve grown, I’ve seen that our love can last through everything and I just cannot wait to see what that everything is as Mrs. Huddleston, alongside my best friend.

how they asked

It was the sweetest and most beautiful thing! I actually feel kind of bad, I was complaining that I didn’t want to go to the Gaylord on New Year’s Eve to take “family pictures”. I instead wanted to continue our tradition of New Years Eve Popeye’s + PJs + movies + sparkling grape juice.

Anyways, back to the story: we went to the Gaylord. It was gorgeously light up with the last days of Christmas decor and my fav: SPARKLY LIGHTS! We walked around and took pictures of the lights, and then took some family pictures. Finally Ben and I went to take some pictures and my mom told me to turn around and look at something which was nothing out of the norm because she’s always having me do weird poses.

Alexa and Ben's Engagement in Gaylord Texan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Gaylord Texan

I felt Ben poke me on the back and say, Lexi… and I turned around and there he was on a knee! The poor boy was SO nervous all he said was my full name and asked me to marry him which was 100% perfect. We heard cheers from our family and random bystanders and then we later went back to celebrate with dinners and games at his house and then part of the traditions still stood at my house!

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