Alexa and Anthony

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How we met

We were introduced back in 2009 by one of our mutual friends, Juli. She had asked Anthony if he had known me, of course he didn’t, so he decides to add me on Facebook. I usually never add anyone, for some reason I had accepted his friend request. It was a coincidence that he lived right behind the mall I used to work at during the time. After talking over Facebook for a few days, Anthony decides to visit me at my job, Victoria’s Secret. Ever since our first time meeting, we’ve been inseparable. We had a very interesting relationship, we called it “open unofficial” relationship because we were dating but not dating at the same time, if that makes any sense. At that time, I was getting over a break up and he was getting to know other people, we became each others go to person when we needed advice or someone just to talk to. After a few months, we started really having feelings for each other. I did not think I was ready, so I kept rejecting his requests to be his girlfriend. Eventually, I knew that if I had kept this guy waiting, I would lose the best thing that ever walked into my life, so we became “official” on November 22, 2010, of course eating ice cream on a cold winter night. As the years went by, nursing school was a big new adventure we had together along with our little photography business. We both knew after going through nursing school together, that we were meant for each other because you can’t go through hell on earth with someone and expect them not to be there anymore.

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how they asked

I hate scavenger hunts and I’m not someone who likes surprises, but of course, Anthony decides to propose with a scavenger hunt. At around 930 AM on December 13th, he drops by my house dropping me off flowers and a present, but the present, which is a picture of Island Heights, where he had asked me to be his girlfriend, and a roll of film turns out to be clues to my next big clue. When I get to Island Heights with my brother, his parents meet me and give me another bouquet of roses and another present, which holds my next clue. Clue # 2 is a picture taken by Lake Manahawkin, where we usually hang out with our dog Milo when we just don’t want to be home, another roll of film and what I thought was a camera lens. As I get to Lake Manahawkin, I meet my parents there with another bouquet of flowers and my 3rd clue. Clue #3 is the spot in Atlantic City Pier shops where we always talk about how perfect it would be to do a photo shoot at this place. As I walk up to the spot in the picture, I see Anthony walking with a rose in his hand, showing me that my present was the Nikon DF camera on the tripod that was all set up for me to try. Little did I know, he had written on the lens area, “Will you Marry Me?” I absolutely bawled my eyes out, it felt so surreal. As I turned around, we were surrounded by both our families who were in tears. It was absolutely beautiful and I had never in my dreams thought that my proposal would be as perfect as it was that day.

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