Alex and Derek

How We Met

We met like any couple does in the year 2015, a dating app. We matched, exchanged some texts, set up a coffee date, and the rest is history. After leaving our first coffee date, Derek texted me and told me I had the prettiest eyes. I knew I was in trouble with this one. I asked him to join me on a hike the next day where we had our first kiss on top of the mountain. At that point Derek was not looking to be in a relationship and he admits he tried to fit it, but as he says “it was impossible not to fall in love with you”.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Santa Barbara

how they asked

After a little over a year of fun, adventures, laughs, tears, and struggles, Derek took me on a “romantic weekend” trip to Santa Barbara. I was not expecting this to be a proposal trip, since Derek had been drilling into my head not to get my hopes up. Derek had planned a sunrise picnic hike for Saturday morning since I absolutely love hiking, and breakfast. We got up at 5 am, and to make the adventure even more us, it was raining, cold, and extremely foggy. We trudged through a tiny trail, Derek lugging a cooler, me wrapped ET style in a blanket until finally we found a semi flat rock to set up on.

alex's Proposal in Santa Barbara

Derek had packed yogurt, fruit, granola (my favorites) and we sat eating and being rained on. Derek started saying super sweet things and tearing up. He then turned around, grabbed a little blue box from his bag… “what is that, what is that”-me Derek got down on one knee “Alexandra Elizabeth Curtis, will you marry me?” After a solid 4 minutes of sobbing, I said yes. Breakfast, proposal, engaged, all by 6:45 AM.