Alex Anne and Michael

how they asked

Michael and I both live in Dallas, Texas but we came back home to Alabama for the weekend to celebrate me graduating with my Master’s in Social Work for the University of Texas at Arlington. August 18th was the day my graduation party was where friends and family from all over were going to come together and spend quality time together. On our way to the party, my best friend Ashtyne called me and asked if I could stop by the Wright Center at Samford University where she graduated from Cumberland Law this last May to pick up her mom’s camera that she had left from graduation.

To me, that was no issue at all and made perfect sense because I hadn’t seen Ashtyne’s mom post any photos from Ashtyne’s graduation and I knew how much she loved to take photos! So Michael and I head up there and I had the contact number of a girl named Laura who I could call when we got there to retrieve the camera. We pull up to the side of the building, and Michael says we are to walk through the side door, and I jokingly said “Are we special or something? Do we know somebody?” And laughed. I followed willingly regardless if I thought that wasn’t where we should go.

We walk in the door and it leads to backstage. Michael takes the car keys, my sunglasses and phone from me and leads me on stage but all so calmly… Meanwhile I’m still looking for Laura and the camera!! When we hit center stage, Michael turns me around and asks me to dance with him. I thought it wasn’t odd, but sweet and so I did and as I was turned around, To Make You Feel My Love by Adele starts playing. The stage is lite up just on us and the auditorium is dark and it’s just Michael and me in our own little world.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Birmingham, Alabama

Alex Anne and Michael's Engagement in Birmingham, Alabama

As the song proceeds and we continue to dance I notice Michael is getting very emotional and starts tearing up, which if you know Michael he doesn’t cry. The song is turned down just a tad, and he pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. He reads the note to be filled with the sweetest and most sincere words, gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him!!!!! As soon as I say “YES!!!” You hear cheering and clapping in the audience where both of our families are there celebrating our engagement. Family means the world to us both and having them there meant everything!

On that special stage I had my first dance recital, watched many Nutcrackers with my grandmother, watched my best friend graduate from law school, watched many of my friends compete in Miss Alabama, and it fueled my love for dance so that I could one day dance for my dream school, Auburn University! Getting to marry the man of your dreams is the greatest blessing and I am forever grateful!! #ShiftinToClifton #CheersToTheCliftons

Special Thanks

Lauren Clifton
 | Photographer
Rob Clifton
 | Videographer
Michael Clifton
 | Planning