Alex and Zack

Where to Propose in Bolinas Beach

How We Met

We met my junior year in highschool. His mom was my chemistry teacher and prom was around the corner! She came up to me asking if I had a date to prom and I said yes. (Zack and I went to different high schools in the same town) and she said “oh okay. Well my son goes to Napa high and he’s to shy to ask anyone to go to prom” and I asked “are you asking me to go to prom with your son?” And we both laughed and she nodded but unfortunately I said no because I already had a date. But I requested to follow him on Instagram and we started talking and now we’re engaged ! This picture was the first date we went on at Stinson beach

how they asked

He woke me up early in the morning and said he wanted to take me out to breakfast. So we got ready and then he drove us down to Bolinas. Which is his favorite beach because he loves to surf and they have good waves there. But we just walked long the beach and talked and then he stopped me and looked at me and got down on one knee. (I could tell he was nervous cause he shook a little) and asked “Will you marry me Alex?” And I said yes and hugged him and then started sobbing. Then we walked down to this cute restaurant and ate breakfast

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