Alex and Tyree

How We Met: Image 7 of Alex and TyreeTyree and I met in 2008 in the Ingles parking lot after a football game. When you’re from a small town you have to get creative when coming up with things to do, and at the time it was “cool” for all the guys with big trucks to meet after a football game and hang out.

Normally that’s not my kind of thing but that particular night I was with a group of girlfriends and one of the girls knew a guy that was there and that’s kind of why we ended up there. From the moment I met Tyree, I knew he was the sweetest, most kindhearted guy I’d ever met.

He most definitely wasn’t the typical, clean-cut preppy boy I’d go for, but something about him just pulled me in (not to mention he had this awesome jacked-up truck with stacks). It’s kind of funny because all of his friends used to say that’s how he actually got me ;)

Image 1 of Alex and Tyree

After that night, we became really goodfriends and spent a lot of time together, some would say we were inseparable. A few months later for whatever reason, we stopped talking. Fast-forward a year later and we were reunited. At first we just harmlessly flirt with each other but over a short period of time it blossomed into so much more.

On May 5th 2009 we made it official and haven’t looked back since. To this day I still cannot explain what brought us back to each other but whatever the reason I thank God everyday! We definitely did not have a romantic story like most but it’s our story and I’m so thankful that it happened the way it did.

Image 2 of Alex and Tyree

how they asked: My family had planned our second trip to the Grand Cayman Islands! We loved it so much the first time, so when I found out we were going again, I could hardly stand it. After what had been a rough year, we were so excited to get away and relax.

Image 8 of Alex and Tyree

Truth be told, I already had my suspicions that he’d ask me on this trip. It’s funny because I remember saying to my friend, “It’s been almost 6 years, if he doesn’t ask me in the most beautiful place on earth, he’s crazy.” And on March 10, 2015 he did just that. That particular day we spent the majority of the day soaking up the sun. We had already decided that we would be having dinner at the Kaibo Yacht Club for a Beach BBQ and taking family pictures on the beach before we left, so I knew I better start getting ready.

Image 3 of Alex and Tyree

As I was ironing some of my dresses and trying to figure out which one to wear, my mom and Tyree had come in to help me decide. I should’ve known right then that something was up because they were being way too helpful. After I was ready, we were still waiting for one more person so my brother, Clint, and sister in law, Kristen, headed down to the beach first. I could see them down at the point from our place and laughed because they were already taking some selfies :)

I also noticed they both had bent down behind a bush, but had no idea why. We finally headed down to the beach and Tyree suggested we take our pictures first. I was by his side ready for what I thought was going to be a picture when he started backing up and acted like he had sand in his shoe. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and said “What’s that in the sand.”

Image 4 of Alex and Tyree

That explains why my brother and sister in law were bending down! He then dug up a little treasure chest that had the most gorgeous ring inside and asked me to marry him!

Image 5 of Alex and Tyree

I honestly could not have asked for a better proposal. It was so special, and Tyree put so much thought into it.

Image 6 of Alex and Tyree

My dad wasn’t there, but he was the first person I called. Of course he already knew about the plan and asked if I had said “No” haha Since it was the middle of our trip when he asked, we were able to spend the rest of our vacation celebrating!

Image 9 of Alex and Tyree

Image 10 of Alex and Tyree