Alex and Tim

Alex's Proposal in NYS Fair

How We Met

We officially met at a college party in 2013, at SUNY Cortland, where I was talking with a fake (horrible) British accent. I told Tim that I was a foreign exchange student from “Chelsea, England” and I was a goalkeeper on the women’s soccer team (a common story for me since my friends all played soccer). Tim proceeded to tell me Chelsea is a soccer team in England but not a place (which is FALSE), that my accent was awful, and that he knew I didn’t play soccer because he was, in fact, a goalkeeper on the soccer team and he would know me if I was on the team. I then fessed up and said, “Well, I’m Alex, nice to meet you”. The whole year before we officially met we actually lived on the same floor in Smith Tower and we’re sure our paths crossed at floor meetings and in the elevator, but we never spoke or were introduced.

How They Asked

Since we graduated college and relocated our lives full time to Central NY we have gone to the New York State Fair on Labor Day Monday. This was our third year going on Labor Day Monday and the first time it was not 90 degrees by 10 AM, so we took advantage and wanted to head there for lunch. My understanding was that we would be going for lunch and then going back later that night for the Gavin DeGraw concert, but what was waiting for us before lunch was so much better! As we drove, we were talking about doggy daycare and what food was on our bucket list for the day, and it was just like any other trip to the fair. As Tim took a wrong turn and headed to the lot we don’t normally park in I thought I was talking too much and distracted him. We parked and walked towards the gates of the fair. Still, I was going back and forth between Lobster Mac and Cheese and Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese. I finally was set, I would get pulled pork from Dinosaur BBQ and then lobster mac and cheese after. I was rambling on and on when finally Tim took my hand and stopped me to say “Hey, I want to make today even more special than it already is” and next thing I knew he was down on his knee and simply said “Will you marry me?” and of course I said “yes!” Tim told me then that there were people waiting inside the gates for us and I continued to talk about the pulled pork.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in NYS Fair

When we got to the gate I saw my mom and her wife, Trish, followed by one of my best friends, Emily, then another best friend of mine, Rachel, Tim’s parents, and a flood of other people. As I walked through the gates to the fair my nephew, Conor, came running up to me and the waterworks started. My brother and sister-in-law, Taylor and Aggy, were there, my childhood best friend, Erica, Tim’s childhood best friend and his fiance, Tyler and Michaela, and eve Tim’s college best friend and his girlfriend, Chris and Thalia were there. The person who brought the most joy and tears at that moment, was my dad all the way from Florida, with his girlfriend Carol.

The signs, balloons, and the excitement was overwhelming but the day and surprises were far from over. After some time at the fair we went back to our house where Tim had Chipotle (my favorite restaurant) catered and waiting for me. My final surprise was my 95-year-old Great Aunt Carrie waiting for us at the house, whose trip was made possible by my Uncle Joe. We had friends and family around us celebrating a love that they have watched grow and turn into what it is now. I had dreams of what my engagement would look like, and Tim blew my dreams out of the water and made it the best day ever.

Special Thanks

Rachel Parker
 | Planning