Savannah and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in high school. We rarely talked even though we were in the same friend group. I had always thought he was cute, sweet and charming but we were completely different people with different interests. We started talking when I got hired at a little sports bar in our hometown. He would come in every night to see me and even help me sweep the floors (he’s a keeper)! We dated for a year before he proposed.

how they asked

We were at the mountain on Sunday 12/11. Alex loves everything about the snow (mostly driving in it with his new F-150). He asked our best friends and our families including with 3 year old daughter Charli to come up with us, not sure why but I didn’t catch onto that. He took us all to a place that he went as a kid. It’s actually a trail head in the summer. About a quarter mile up is a waterfall so we all decided to go see it. We started walking and my friend complained that her hands were cold because she had forgot her gloves at the cars. The boys (Alex and Tanner) offered to go back to get them; we decided to keep walking. About 10 minutes later Kara’s phone rang, Tanner said a truck had got stuck and Alex was going to help pull him out with his tow rope.

I didn’t think anything of it. So we walked up to the waterfall, took some pictures and then made our way back. The girls, my dad and daughter walked far in front of my mom and I. Alex met us close to the entrance to the trail head. He grabbed my hand and pulled my hat over my eyes. He took me on a little walk through some snow. He stopped and pulled my hat above my eyes and said, “remember how I told you you were going to be the one?” He then knelt down and pulled out the ring!

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I was so shocked.

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Next to us he had set up pictures of us that we had taken through out the year and a sign that said. ” Savannah, will you marry me?” Once I caught my breath I said, “of course I will!”

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Then our friends and family cheered and then decided to throw snowballs at us! It was so fun!

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