Alex and Sarah

Image 1 of Sarah and Alex

How we met

Alex and Sarah met about a month into their first year of Law School at UGA. They lived in the same apartment complex in downtown Athens, and happened to meet at the pool one Saturday afternoon. One of the slightly weirder topics of conversation to come up at the pool was that both of them had recently bought a beta fish. A few days later, Alex mustered up the courage to talk to Sarah again and jokingly said that they should get the fish together for a play-date. Sarah’s response… “Oh, my fish died.” Never one to get discouraged, Alex asked Sarah to go to dinner instead. Sarah agreed, and they’ve been together ever since.

Image 2 of Sarah and Alex

how they asked

Oh the web of lies…Alex always knew he wanted to propose to Sarah on the dock at her parent’s house in Savannah, Georgia. He and Sarah’s dad wove the most intricately tangled web of lies to surprise Sarah, her mom, and her sisters with the proposal. Sarah’s dad convinced her and her mom and sisters that his longtime friend and employee would be receiving an award at a banquet in Savannah on Saturday, January 30th. This “employee” is really more like a family member to Sarah’s family, so of course everyone traveled to Savannah to attend the “banquet” being held in her honor.

Alex told his parents and three of Alex and Sarah’s closest friends from law school that he was actually planning to propose, and they all made the trip to Savannah for the surprise. On the day of the “banquet” Sarah’s family was sitting at the house, and her dad asked Sarah to go outside and get the congratulatory flowers he had gotten to bring to the banquet.

Image 3 of Sarah and Alex

Sarah walked all the way to the end of the dock where her dad had put the flowers.. This should have been a tip-off that something was up, but Sarah was clueless and so surprised when she turned around and saw Alex!

Image 4 of Sarah and Alex

Image 5 of Sarah and Alex

Alex proposed, Sarah said yes, and the incredibly stealth Diane Dodd captured the whole thing from the neighbor’s yard. Meanwhile, Alex’s parents and our friends had walked into the house and told Sarah’s family to look out to the backyard. Everyone watched the surprise engagement unfold from the windows.

Image 6 of Sarah and Alex

Image 7 of Sarah and Alex

Image 8 of Sarah and Alex

After receiving the “she said yes” sign from Alex, everyone ran outside to congratulate them. It was such a special day, and a huge surprise! Alex hit it out of the park!

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